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Continued Ballroom dance classes on Tuesdays, with normal social dance at the end of the month. Mid month we got an additional social - a charity event at the same venue.
Strictly Come Dancing is regular week end fare on TV with Dr Who to follow. Also the Librarians return to TV
Also continued with after work yoga, also found some yoga apps to try to continue efforts away from class.
Took Saturday morning adult education class over 3 weeks on Family History in the 21st Century! (Who Are You?) from 10:00 - 1:00. When I last did any research all records were on paper and indexes were on microfiche. They are now all online.
Brighton SF Reading Group discussed Cloud Atlas - I only read the first chapter.
Took out a free two week introdutory membership to ancestery.co.uk very usefull for the saturday class. Cancelled it after the last morning!
Saw Dave Gormen at the Hawth where he gave his "Dave Gorman Gets Straight to the Point*
*The Powerpoint comedic presentation. (trains delayed both arriving and leaving
Watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Thunderbirds are Go and Supergirl
Spent a number of days at the Doctors office (after getting a flu jab last month) with blood tests, checking for high blood pressure and and ECG. Mostly OK but could loose a little weight.
Updated The Bujold Nexus and ordered a print of all the ebook covers as a poster
Started listening to audible books again. Especially The Chronicles of St Mary's, byJodi Taylor. Also currently on track to read 200 books this year. Not anywhere near my highest numbers but respectable.
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