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After the New Year's Eve Dance, I stayed over with J, and finally started watching Game of Thrones! Actually finished watching series 1 and started series 2.
I ordered two print on demand books, one collecting all my LJ posts and comments, the other all the books I've read since March 2007 (when I started using LibraryThing to catalog books owned and read.
The LJ material actually generated something the size of a normal novel! I've also finished editing my 2015 diary but I am waiting for a discount code before sending it to print.
Finally bought my membership for Eastercon in Manchester this year.
Dance classes continue on Tuesday with J. Learned new steps in Tango. Started working on technique.
D finally fitted new shower, much improved over the previous unit. Bought new digital blood pressure monitor and scales - bluetooth enabled. Now I can measure both my Blood Pressure and my weight accurately
Yoga class restarted. Funding for this ends the first week in February, but we intend to continue classes self funded.
Discussed "The Androids Dream" by John Scalzi at the SF Reading Group. Once again I fail to finish the book before the meeting. Still enjoyable though.
Saw Stargazing Live (recorded ;-)) with first British space walk - Tim Peake born in Sussex!
Used my new scales and BP monitor to record weight and BP every hour on one Sunday, quite surprising the fluctuations and consistencies.
Temperature finally dropped below 0°C for the first time, we even got a light dusting of snow!
Decided I need to go to the theatre more often (especially as I currently can get there for free) so booked 3 performances at The Theatre Royal - Brighton. Saw the first one "The Mousetrap - 60th Anniversary Tour" on the last Saturday as a matinee.
Got a copy of Gentleman Jole & the Red Queen from Lois McMaster Bujold personally signed.
On the last Wednesday in the month went to London. Saw the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the British Library. Then to the Science Museum to see the Ada Lovelace exhibit. Returned to the Science Museum for SMLates. Main reason wa to see the "Cosmonaut" exhibit which was excellent.
Ordered the Audio version of LMB's GJ&tRQ - I have all the others, though I haven't listened to all of them.

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Date: 2016-02-05 01:46 pm (UTC)
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When we were first dating, I made ze spouse take a beginning social dance class [I even paid for it!]. He was pretty good at the "walking around the room" part of tango. For foxtrot, when told to move his hips, he anxiousl inquired, "Where are they?" ;)

I'm glad you're keeping up the dancing & yoga; they're all kinds of good for you, & fun too.

Yay for seeing shows! I got my "out & about" on in Jan. as well. A couple from California came to their first GaFilk. They got in early, so I got to play tour guide. Fortunately, she knew exactly what they wanted to do. The Jim Henson Museum & the puppet show were lots of fun, the 2-3 hour fashion show of bubblewrap Barbarella bondage gear not so much. The Hapsburg exhibit in the other half of the art museum made up for some of it, though--very Barrayaran! Then there was the Swedish filker, who wanted to see the MLK center on Monday.

Throw in a couple of days each of us exploding [ze spouse on both ends!], some severe de-cluttering of mystery books [easier to cull, because my reading roots aren't as deep with those as with sf, so it's less painful], & Conflikt, & we were pretty busy here [but still missing you].

Have you printed more volumes? Isn't it weird to hold in your hands, your thoughts & feelings made tangible?

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