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Went to Specsavers for Eye test, paid for by work and got glasses for VDU work (also paid for by work). Also got my hearing tested, all OK. Also got hair cut.
Southern Rail are still striking, decided to take day off as roofing contractor came to see about quote. Also got a quote for new fencing and install of new patio £11,000+! (decided not to use this contractor)
The SF Book Club meeting discussed Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon - and unfortunately our normal upstairs room was full so had to gather in the main bar downstairs. Also our Fearless leader had only just got out of hospital so was unable to come ;-(
Next door neighbour is getting his garage re-roofed, since my garage shared the wall a combined re-roofing is cheaper, so another expense (too look forward too).
Managed to find a roofing contractor and had the roof de-mossed, all tiles checked for cracks, the ridge tiles were re-cemented, and one tile needed replacing.
Broke a tooth and discovered my 6 month appointment was in a couple of days! A couple of weeks later lost another filing and had to return to the dentist for a second temp patch.
My sister came to visit our parents and I was able to join the 3 of them for a weekend visit. On Sunday my Aunt, Uncle and cousin came over with baby cousin one removed!
Dance class every Tuesday, focused on waltz - new steps - practice on 3rd Friday and Social Dance on last Saturday.
Yoga classes continue every Wednesday after work, numbers fluctuate, but still persevering.
Strictly Come Dancing started on BBC1
Managed to leave my Amazon Fire on the train, didn't get it back, so had to order a replacement
Saw "Escape from the Planet of the Day that Time Forgot" at the Hawth theatre in Crawley, a wonderful three hander performance with minimal scenery.

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Date: 2016-10-08 04:26 pm (UTC)
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"decided not to use this contractor", forsooth! I miss your beautifully British understatements.

Forsooth, or should I say, for tooth? Your narrative is woefully incomplete; how did you break said tooth? Temp? When do you get permanent fillings? I've had a couple of fillings fall out, too; 40+ year old fillings will do that.

Kudos to you for continued diligence with yoga & dance. We still do our walks at Reynolds 5 days most weeks. I like morning walks, because we see more flowers & hear more birds; ze spouse prefers afternoon walks, when there's a better chance of lizards or butterflies. Now that it's cooling off, flowers open later & close earlier. Leaves have only begun to change in isolated splots, though. How about near you?

Yay for fun family visits! The only blood family I have left is a cousin, who lives across the state; we keep in semiregular touch by email. My bridesmaid & I have been friends for 40 years now, which a) blows my mind and b) is *just wrong*. She was off a couple of days, so we went to lunch one day & Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary yesterday. Lots of tigers, bears, macaws, emus, etc., in large enclosures with lots of places for them to run, rest, play, climb, scratch, etc.

Ze spouse still does his monthly marathon marches [12-20 miles]. I found him a hiking book at the library book sale yesterday.

Today is 10 months since Max died. When one's parent dies, one does wonky things; I warn you now. With my mom, it was delivering Christmas cards & newsletters at GaFilk the following year. With Max, it is being overcome with ennui & forward apathy & bagging lots of booksales. I still make some [especially when I've got donations to get rid of], but not my usual quota. Finally getting his house sold brings things back in a big way. I would tell you to prepare your heart, but there's really no way. Some days it's gut-punches, other days it's pinpricks.

Still & all, the day is gorgeous, the spouse is cuddly [& culinarily inclined], & my friend is able to make improvements on his eyes, health, & house. Life is good.

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