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Going Home
Woke up 7:30, checked email & LJ down to breakfast 8:15 where I had waffle fingers, bagel and cream cheese, coffee, OJ, cereal and a croissant. Sat with two youngsters ;)
Posted to LJ and finished off with a muffin and apple.

Finished packing and checked out at 10:10. Got to Jackson on Blue line at 10:15, used last $2.25 on my CTA cardand caught train to O'Hare 10:18.

Arrived at O'Hare 11:10 checked bag at US Airways then through security, (when I realised I'd left my keys in checked luggage,) arrived at gate F8 by 11:45 (no wifi in the area and iffy power).

Bought a strawberry shake at McCafe for $3.10, actually very tasty.

After an hour wait boarded US Airlines flight 907 to Charlotte at 1:40 and got to seat 15C by 1:45
Took off 2:07 only 12min after schedule, flight 1:30 long.

Landed at Charlotte 3:31CT/4:31ET
Deplaned 4:50 bought cigs for D from duty free America then had a BK Whopper meal. Checked in at gate D11 at 5:30.

Got on the plane 5:50, took off at 6:44 only 20 minutes late. A fault originally thought to delay by an hour was fixed in a timely manner.

Started to watch Gnomeo & Juliet dinner served 12:50BST / 7:50ET
Film finished 2:15BST

Tried to sleep for 4 hours woken at 5:45 for breakfast, bagel with grape jelly and orange juice.

Watched Prophets of Sci-Fi: George Lucas finished 6:30.
Landed at Gatwick 7:15am local time.
Deplaned and through passport control by 7:40, used biometric scanner exit.

Baggage claim took 20min for bag to appear but out by 8:08 queued to get ticket 8:21 to Ore. Home by 9:00 to an empty fridge and a pile of letters and packages from amazon (and my Raspberry Pi case but no Pi yet).

Watched two episodes of Warehouse 13 then to bed for a few hours before going to the chiropractor and to get my glasses repaired.

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Woke up 8:30, down to breakfast 8:45 where I had waffle fingers, bagel and cream cheese, coffee, OJ, cereal and a croissant. Sat with a Finnish retiree.
Finished watching the Warehouse 13 webisodes. Posted to LJ synced all my photos from iPod to Dropbox.

Left hostel around 11:30 and walked south along Michigan then through Grant Park and the Museum campus to the Field Museum.

Arrived and got my hand stamped for standard access (no exhibitions) but even in nearly five hour I didn't see everything.

Managed to loose my Dendarii Free Mercenaries hat ;-( reported to lost property but I doubt it will turn up before I fly home tomorrow.

Walked back to hostel via lake shore, got back at about 5:30, had an ice-cream at DQ Chill & Grill then showered and changed.

Got to Buddy Guy's Ledgends at 700 Wabash at about 8:20. Ordered cup of Louisiana Style Gumbo with cornbread, rice and a Honker's Ale (actually nice served cold, reminiscent of Newcastle Brown). Total cost $8.54, actually left $10 including tip.

At 8:35 cover charge was requested $5 with 50% off coupon.

Got a second Ale on the house as I got a cup of gumbo not a bowl!

First set by Jimmy Burns ended after an hour and twenty at 9:45. Started the second set at 10:00 and after ten minutes first open mike started. Left at that point. Got jelly donut then back to hostel, read in bed, until 11:40.

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Woke up 7:20, showered,checked email and LJ then down to breakfast 8:15 where I had waffle fingers, bagel and cream cheese, coffee, OJ, cereal and a croissant.

Updated my LJ and finished book from hostel library. Discovered D wanted XXL t-shirts so had to return two shirts to CVS and get larger size. Also got some postcards.

By this time it's after noon so got an ice cream from DQ.

Walked to Buckingham Fountain at 1:00 stayed for a while waiting fir the tall jet stream. Then walked along the lake shore, past all the various boats and ships to the Navy Pier arriving at 2:00. Went to check the IMAX but the film didn't start for two hours and cost $16, so I decided against it. While there a Jazz/Blues group played, and I stayed to listen.

On leaving the Navy Pier I walked west on Illinous to Michigan when I made my way to the river. Stopped at the Chicago Tribune building, which has bits of rocks from all over, attached to the walls.

After crossing the river I spent some time in the Bridgehouse museum (free) which told the history of the river and waterways and how this effected the development of Chicago.
Then along Wacker and left St Clark to
Ronny's Original Steakhouse at 100 W Randolph St (next to the L station). I had an 8oz T-bone steak, salad with French dressing, baked potato, and a can of coke, total cost $11.36. The meat was rather well done for medium.

Due to being tired I took the Blue Line from Clark/Lake (no connection for other lines) back to the hostel at 5:00, to discover the Chicago Summer Dance started with an hour of teaching at 4:00! Which I missed. Sped off and got to the park / dance area around 5:15. Due to not knowing the US style and painful blisters, I didn't dance, but I did get a free CD and listened to the cool "Alan Gresik Swing Shift Orchestra", playing vintage ballroom.
Finished at 7:00 and was back to the hostel by 7:15.

Used EeePC to purchase a 28 day metro bus pass. Caught up on new email.
Went for a DQ Blizzard cookie dough double fudge medium with $1 off coupon. Back to bed watched first 4 Warehouse 13 webisodes, "Grand Designs" (not available in UK) and then too sleep.

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Woke up 7:30, checked email and LJ then down to breakfast 8:15 where I had waffle fingers, bagel and cream cheese, coffee, OJ, cereal and a croissant.

Updated my LJ and played a bit with my new iPod, it's awesome! It's only minus is it has slightly less available storage but it can all be backed up to iCloud.

Read a bit. Discovered that the CVS across the road from the hostel sells cheap t-shirts and got 7 for $25.69! The Chicon 7 shirt was selling for $20.

Left again at 11:00 walked up State which was closed for Open Space day, games and activities all down the road. If not for my blistered feet, and aching bones...

Got to the river just in time for the Wendella boats Lake and River tour got my ticket from the vending machine for $26+tax, for a 90 minute tour. I think I was the last aboard. The ship was called Lila.

First we went away from the lake along the Chicago River, at the Willis Tower (near Jackson) we turned around and headed lakeward.

The Chicago river is one of a kind because it's surface is about 30cm lower than Lake Michigan ie the lake drains into the river. There is a lock in place to reduce outflow. Also all the water for Chicago and surrounding is provided by Michigan.

Took a fair few minutes for water levels to equalise and then there were the views of the city. I took a number of pictures on my iPod and wished my camera battery hadn't died. At least I had some photos.

Returned through the lock then docked at Trump Tower, this took five minutes, without this time the trip was only 85 minutes!

From there I walked via Wacker, State and Lake to Lake / Clark on the Blue line. This is usually a transfer station, but all these lines were unavailable due to L refurbishment (this was why the roads were closed last night).

Caught the train to O'Hare and got off at Montrose. I then had to follow a google maps printout to the Portage Theatre, 4050 North Milwaukee Ave, IL 60641. Arrived at 3:00 to be told doors open at 6:00!

I'd passed an IHOP on my way so backtracked (open 24/7) and ordered a stack of five pancakes and coffee.

The never-ending coffee was only 3 cups, but I did get an ice water without asking. Total $8.97, I was there for about an hour.

Then wandered around six corners, discovered iPod camera doesn't work if the charge is too low.

Read for a bit after finding some seats by a bus stop, and then finding a bus stop with chairs right outside the Theatre.

Can't Stop the Serenity
At 6:00 went in got ticket and patch (photo ID required).

Charity screening of Serenity for Equality Now and House if the Good Shepherd.

The Portage Theater is in 6 corners and is a fairly large single auditorium it even has a organ to accompany silent movies. I sat four rows from the front a) so I could hear when the sound system wasn't used and b) I could see the screen through the correct part of my varifocals.

At 7:00 the performance started with an improv story "The Verse: Another Firefly Story" it's Eli Cobb's birthday.... With a band (and episodes on YouTube).

7:45 thanks from Mary Coffey of House of the Good Shepherd

8:00 intermission, I bought a bag of buttered popcorn, priced at $3 and actually cost $3 (usually tax is added to price displayed).

8.15 door prizes given out. Silent auction ended, costume contest (3 prizes). Actual live auction, lots of cool stuff, if I'd had space I might have bid as a fair few items went for low prices. Though there were a few bidding wars. At the end of this section there were more door prizes. And I won one. (by this time there wasn't much left, so I picked out glow in the dark brackets.

9:15 final intermission

And then at 9:30 the main feature "Serenity" I hadn't watched it since it's original release, it was still awesome, though some lines of foreshadowing were particularly poignant.

The film finished at 11:30 but outside it was raining / drizzling. I put on my pale sweatshirt for visibility and warmth.

Got to Montrose as a train Loopward arrived, caught it with the last credit on my CTA card, left station 11:48 arrived at Jackson 12:14 got a bit turned around, but back to hostel and in bed by 12:40.

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Woke up 6:30, checked email and LJ then down to breakfast 7:25 where all food was available. After cleaning up read some. Just after 9 (3BST) got a skype call from D. Voice quality was good and he apparently got good video of me.

Raining so put on my coat to walk to the Cultural Center, for a 10:00 a 15 minute wait ( I got there early) our guide Joe took us round the center then of most of the same stops I'd done on my two previous tours. However we got nuggets of history and I got to use the camera on my iPod. Of the five people who started I was the only one who stayed to the end at Daley Plaza.

Back to cultural enter to discover a lunchtime concert started at 12:10.
So stayed to listen, for 45 min.

Walked north on Michigan along the agnificent Mile! Stopped at 444 for a Garden Gate Scrambler with potato side and soda for $9.72 finished at 2:00. Continued up Michigan to the John Hancock Center, and discovered Best Buys had a store there. They even had the iPod Touch for sale at $10 less, and a charger for $5 less than I paid at Radio Shack, but it looks much less cool.

As recommended by guide Joe I went to the Signature Lounge at the 96th floor. (This was two floors higher than the observatory), bought a Bud Lite for $8.31 (less than the observatory price) and since it was misty you couldn't see too far. Millennium Park was hidden by intervening skyscrapers.

Back to hostel via the Red Line (Chicago to Jackson) by 3:45.
My CTA card needs a top up as I only have two trips ($4.50) left and I have a minimum of 3 train journeys to do.

Slept and read in bed for a couple of hours then went back to Al's for a Maxwell Polish hot dog, with frys which cost $4.98 on the way back a number of streets were being blocked off including Wabash.

Went to DQ for desert, had a mini blizzard with oreo cookies, very tasty. Decided to go south to 700 Wabash a jazz / blues club, but the cover at the weekend is $20 Mon-Thu it's only $10 so I hope to return later.

Wandered east to discover that the Chicago SummerDance in the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park was still on (due to start at 6:00). Live music by the Occidental Brothers Dance Band International and people gyrating on the dance floor. Left just after eight and returned to the hostel. Even more streets had been cordoned off.

Read and updated blog. Checked credit card and so far have charged:

Hostel - £343.63 (for 15 nights)
iPod charger - £16.44
Book - £7.15 (cheaper at Amazon)
Science Museum- £15.00

I could have ordered a charger from Amazon for less than £10 Inc postage, but didn't think far enough ahead.

Burst my blister and trimmed dead skin. Watched / listened to the mcah livestream from 9:15 to 10:15. Had a shower then bed around 11.00

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Woke up 8:25, showered checked email and LJ then down to breakfast 9:15 dinning area packed but managed to find a space. No bagels though. Read a bit and finally left at 11:10 for Millenium Park.

Arrived at the Welcome Center just as the free tour of the park was starting! Spent an hour walking around, finishing at the Bean. Then across the Nichols bridgeway to the Art Institute down to ground level, wandered the shop. I then went to the Corner Bakery Cafe on Monroe, had an All American Scrambler (bacon, eggs, hash browns, onions) and water for $7.19. Then to CVS to get pain killers and hand cream. Noticed for the first time my hands are starting to look old!

Back to the old library/cultural centre to rest and catch up on my blogging. Downloaded the "Chicago" app, a bit late but...

Then back to the hostel in time for the weekly lemonade and cookies

Left at 4:15 for the Brown line north (caught at HW Library). Stayed on until Merchandise Mart, had problems exiting but eventually got out at Orleans. Walked north to Grand where the MacMall was on the corner (329 W Grand Avenue) bought a new iPod touch for $210.18 (£132.35) including tax. Then walked north to get the Brown line at Chicago, Grand being halfway between Chicago and Merchandise Mart.

As recommended by one of the volunteer guides, I stayed on the Brown line until it's terminus at Kimball. It was interesting to see the different building styles as the train left the city. Five stops from Kimball it stopped being elevated and ran at near ground level.

I got on the next train back to the loop at Kimball and returned to my starting station (HW Library) two and a half hours later.

I was back in the hostel by 7:00 and unpacked my iPod hoping to try it out. First it seems to be exactly the same size despite of cameras and microphones. However it seems to require an unsecured wifi connection to start. So far this has been unavailable.

Phoned the MacMall store (free as local call, store open 8:00 to 8:00) and got confirmation that they have a network that would work. So if all else fails I can return there to set it up.

Discovered that cafecito (next to the hostel) has a secure wifi so bought an iced coffee for $2.18 and got access. The coffee was excellent. Then up to my room to collect my now fully charged iPod. Then down again and logged into cafe wifi and it worked. Completed setup with iCloud sync and started trying the camera. Low light levels ment poor quality but so cool.

Decided to get something to eat so used a discount coupon to buy a medium blizzard strawberry cheese cake ice cream for $3.31 from the "DQ Grill & Chill" on the corner. It was lovely but I then had a penny dropping moment when I realised DQ stood for Dairy Queen! (I also discovered that tlc stood for "the L cafe" rather than "tender loving care").

I then decided to try a little beef sandwich at Al's #1 Italian Beef. Mountains of juicy beef stuffed into a 4" roll, for $4.98. I had to wash my hands before leaving, there was so much juice. It was nicely seasoned too.

Back to the hostel to trim my beard and then take a shower, then updated my blog notes before bed.

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Woke up 8:25 and down to breakfast 9:45 dinning area packed so decided to go to TLC around the corner for 3 pancakes and coffee. This cost $8.90 but I had to have pancakes at least once while here. The pancakes were light and fluffy and fell apart when cut, but they tasted fine.

Back to hostel for another less bitter coffee, breakfast still available, though it was after 10:00 (no milk though).

Read all morning until I finished my book. Then down for lunch, reheated last pizza slice from yesterday and had it with coffee. It reheated surprisingly well. Finished downloading remaining audio guide I started on yesterday. Had to recharge iPod before leaving. Started a new book. Discovered the audio player needs a net connection to access ads, so got a Strawberry lemonade at Monroe / Clark Monroe / Clark McCafe and used the free wifi there.

Continued making my way north to the river where the audio tour officially started. Then made my way south again via a wander through the old public library, now the Chicago Cultural Center, where my camera battery finally died (and I didn't bring a charger). Got back to the hostel 6:15 for a lie down as I'm very tired from walking, and my blisters hurt.

Read until 7:50 then went round the corner to DQ and had a burger and fries with iced tea - with a Then to the common room unti 10ish when I went upstairs to discover my towel had gone missing. So to reception to get a replacement, and then (11:05) to bed.

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Woke up 7:25 and down to breakfast at 8:00 bagels and apples were both available. Updated yesterday's narrative and uploaded to LJ.

Checked email and LJ then went to Harold Washington Library (largest public lending library in US). Surfed Internet for 45 minutes and printed directions to The Portage Theater, where "Can't stop the Serenity" will take place next Saturday. The printouts were 15c each so cost 60c in total.

Then went up to the 9th floor to see the winter garden an the exhibits there (all free).

Back to the hotel to read for a while, fot a blister on my right foot. Finished book and downloaded audio guide from Chicago Loop Alliance. Left around five, bought a chocolate ice cream, then followed the map provided with the audio files, and got two blocks when I realised I'd forgotten my camera.

Back to my room collected camera and off again.

Most interesting this www the start of Route 66, and the Cloud Gate aka the Bean in Millenium Park.

Then went for dinner at Guirdano's. Had iced tea and a small stuffed deep dish pizza.
Took 45 minutes to cook!

Best pizza ever! A tart case 3cm deep of bread dough, filled with 1cm of mozzarella cheese, topped with a very herbed tomato sauce. Cut into six slices.

Server Vanessa kindly took photo of me and the pizza.

Only managed to finish five out of six slices, but last one was boxed up to take away. Total including $3 tip was $21 worth every penny!

Finished 7:50 left to return to hostel via Michigan. Got back 8:15 put pizza in fridge, then read for a bit, showered and bed by 10:00.

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Chicon 7 Day Five
Woke up 6:55 down to breakfast 7:10 usual fodder but no bagels or apples.

Walked up the shoreside of Michigan past Millenium Park while listening to the Dave Gorman podcast. Got to Hyatt 8:55 but decided that the pain from burst blisters was too much to go "strolling with the stars" instead I picked up a couple more freebie books on the concourse and a free Digger vol2 in the dealers room.

Also bought a Y2K t-shirt from Steve S.

Sat near registration when I realised I hadn't posted yesterday's details to LJ so did so. Then read until 11:45 when I went back to Plaza for the last Filk concert of the con. Bill & Brenda Sutton with Jordin Kare

Last panel of the con "Collaborating with the Guest of Honor", with Mike Resnik, Harry Kloor, lezli Robyn, Eric Flint and Brad R Torgersen. All panelists had previously worked with Mike Resnik.

Did a final walk through the Concourse and Dealers room, picked up final free book, the to Columbus fir the closing ceremony. After prizes and gifts had been handed over the gavel was passed to Lonestarcon 3 next year's worldcon.

Saw Elizabeth T as I was leaving and got to chat for a while.

Then down to consuite for a peanut butter sandwich.

Then went up to Blue Level so I could cross the road via the skyway (all previous road crossings had been made at ground level or via subway. While on the escalator going down to ground floor say [Unknown site tag], Marty, Elizabeth C, Ian C and Malcolm. Stayed chatting until around 5:00 when [Unknown site tag], spouse and I went to Houlihan's for an early dinner.
Had a burger and fries, nice thick juicy burger in a knotted bun.

[Unknown site tag] went up to pack and spouse to a White Sox ballgame. I went down to consuite to charge iPod and to read, from 6:00.

Frank M appeared and we talked fluidic computing and other old IT systems.
Went up to 376 the Filk Room but it was locked.
So returned to the consuite, read til I finished my book. Started a new one;)

Around 9:00 decided to check out the Filk room, but I heard Elizabeth C castigate me for not noticing her! I stopped and apologised and we chatted for a while. Malcolm came along and discussion continued until Jo Walton walked down the corridor, we congratulated her on her Hugo award win, and hope she would win the BSFA award next year, which she was still squeeing over, she then invited us for tea & music which we accepted with aclarity. Once at her room we were able to fondle her Hugo, a lovely design and well deserved. Patrick NH and Elise M were also there and sang and played guitar and ukulele until Theresa NH arrived at 11:00 when she joined in to provide 3 part harmony. Tea was provided by Jo, it was an awesome end to an excellent Worldcon.

The part ended just after midnight and I left the Hyatt for the last time at 12:15 and got back to the hostel at 12:45, I was in bed by 1:00.

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Chicon 7 Day Four
Up at 6:30 showered. Down to breakfast 7:15, bagels were available but no muffins.
Mislaid my glasses, found them on the floor after minutes of searching.
Updated yesterday's notes and uploaded to LJ.

Walked up Michigan arrived 9.40 waited until 10:00 to find a couple if free books. Trimmed my finger nails!

Up to Silver level for "Phineas & Ferb" discussion. This had more audience participation than from the panel. Also a lot of younger persons were there.

Discovered one of the nose pieces on my glasses has disappeared!

Down to con suite for a soda and bite.
Then to Crystal B for "SF Squeecast: Live" It was the first time all the members had all been in the same room atthe same time. The Special Guest was Jay Lake. After editing this podcast should be available on the website.

Got another soda from the consuite then back to Crystal B for Story Musgrave interview by John Scalzi. Story told us about his child hood, his multiple degrees and his relationship with the Hubble Space telescope.

Moved downstairs to Picasso where the newly formed Worldcon Heritage Organisation discussed it's aims and objectives. Conserving the Worldcon / Hugo exhibit, catalogueing and making it available to future conventions.

Down to dealers room and had a quick chat with Steve S of SoftWear Toys & Tees. Confirmed I have a supporting membership in Loncon3.

Read for a while, went through pedway to Jimmy John's had 8" sub with beef and pink lemonade for $5.96.

Went up to Ops (on Blue skyway) and discovered my lost book had been handed in!

By 7:10 the queue for the Hugos wound throughout the whole of Gold floor! Entered the Grand Ballroom 7:35.

The Hugo Award Ceremony started at about 8:10 and finished at 10:30.
The ballroom was packed with standing room only, it was also streamed live to Dragoncon.

Toastmaster John Scalzi gave out all the Hugos (except for short fiction, a category he was nominated in).

Long queue leaving the Ballroom so waited reading until the line disappeared. Then back to hostel while listening to a Big Finish podcast. Got back 11:15 and showered before bed at 12:20.

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Chicon 7 Day Three
Got up at 6:00, showered then check email and LJ. At 7:10 went down for breakfast, no bagles though had cereal, OJ, coffee, waffle fingers with maplesque syrup, muffin and croissant.

Updated text of yesterday's doings, but due to missing info didn't upload.

From the Chicon.Org website I discover a webapp version of the program which is awesome. This actually works on my iPod and is fast and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Walked up State started to drizzle went into CVS got scissors, plasters and nail clippers. Self service pay station caused a small problem, but managed to exit $16.67 poorer.

Went to check the art show but not open until 10:00 so stayed in con suite and uploaded yesterday to LJ.

Met [Unknown site tag] and chatted for a bit.

Went to Crystal A for "the Personal Replicator" but left after half an hour as only one panelist had personal experience and there were no example. Went down to the Concourse bought supporting membership in Lone Star Con 3 next years worldcon and voted for the London 2014 site selection.

At 12:00 I rushed back to the Plaza Ballroom for "Operetta: Choice of Endings" based on a Tanya Huff story, starred a who's who of filking.

Then back to Brockwinkel's grocery store for chilli and a bagel for $3.76.

Once again back to the Plaza for Seannan McGuire's concert. Unfortunately by the time I got there (1:25) all the seats were taken and it was standing room only at the back!
But the music was excellent.

In the fairly small Grand Suite 2AB for "1632: Computing without electronics" in which the 1632 editorial board discussed why electronic won't appear in this series, why the Babbage Anslitical Engine would cost too much and be too slow. And why and how fluidic computing could come into it's own.

Staying in the same room "Eureka vs Warehouse 13 Smackdown" was a game show in which the host (Bob Kuhn) provided scenarios and each team had to say who (from their program) would be able to resolve it, and how. Seannan McGuire and Patrick Hester represented Eureka and Thomas Shanna and Shanna Swendon flew the flag for Warehouse 13. Seannan was the standout performer, frequently taking on the persona of the charter and explaining why he/she would deal with the problem best. However there was enough of a fight back that it was a lock for Eureka. They did win (not least because Eureka has a larger pool to choose from.)

Up to [livejournal.com profile] filkferengi's room at 5:50,then got taxi to Jane H's appartment near the John Hancock Observatory, on the 33 floor. Arrived 6:20 and we knew we were on the right floor due to lovely curry smell pervading the corridor.

James B, Jane, Jerrie & Marty, Liz & Ian, Malcolm, Elaine, Liz T, Frank M, Stellan, Cally, Irene and me. 14 people in total, who's commonality was being on the Lois Bujold mailing list at sometime.

James oversaw the partaking of ther curries he and his minions had prepared. Lots of conversations occured, photos were taken.

A grand fireworks display at Navy Pier at 10:15 to 10:30 drew us to the east windows.

We posed for a group photo and then all left Jane's apartment at 10:45, I walked to Chicago and State where I caught a Red line south to Jackson. Got to hostel by 11:15 and was in bed by 11:35.

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Chicon 7 Day Two
Woke 6:15 checked email, LJ and RSS. Showered, having access to a good daily shower is cool!
Breakfast was the same as yesterday, but ran out of bagels just as I went to get one, no apples either.

After updated my LJ (corrected bad markup on eeepc). Uploaded yesterday's happening. Listened to Click podcast as walked up Wabash to Hyatt. Arrived just before 10:00 decided to goto Chicon/Dragoncon simul panel. There were some problems getting audio to Atlanta, but all fixed by start time of 10:30. Cat Valente (moderator) arrived slightly late and missed the introductions by Elizabeth Moon and Joan Spicci Saberhagen in Chicago and Katherine Kurtz and Tedd Roberts in Atlanta. "Who are you really?" a discussion on identity, how you are different in different locals. Issues with Internet identities. Living in a small town, and different countries. Writing characters who are and are not like you.

Moved to filk track in the Plaza Ballroom on the Green level. Met [livejournal.com profile] filkferengi then at 12:00 "Concert: Tim Griffin and Cathy McManmon"

After concert went to grocery store round the corner. Bought chicken soup, bagels and bananas for $5.13

Then to the con suite for a soda. Near registration charged iPod and Ian (Liz Cs spouse) spotted me and stopped to chat. Discovered book I was reading has gone missing;(

Back to Plaza Ballroom for a concert with Betsy Tinney (on cello), Mary Crowell (on keyboard), Amy McNally (on fiddle) and friends. Betsy did some cool instrumentals and Mary did some classics.

Hurried down to Grand Suite 3 to hear Cat Valente read from a new novella, a western based on Snow White. In fact Cat arrived later than I did.

Intended to go to the Regency dance at 5:00 but my blisters have made walking painful so dancing is right out.

Updated this instead, got complemented on my Dendarii T-shirt and hat.
Went looking for somewhere to eat and ended up at the Michigan Ave Subway I ate at on Wednesday. Tuna 6" with lemonade and two cookies for $5.54. While wandering the unmapped Pedway system I discovered Dunkin Donuts and bought two for $1.10.

Charged iPod and read for a bit then back to Plaza Ballroom for "Concert: Diamond Star" a mix of readings, dance and music, by Catherine Asaro with Greg Adams and local band "Blue Soul".

Then to Columbus KL (on Gold level) to hear GoH Mike Resnik ramble through bits of his life from birth, growing up in Chicago to university also in Chicago (he didn't graduate), getting married and becoming a father, to writing adult stories and going to early worldcons, meeting Doc Smith (and not knowing who he was speaking to until he left), mentoring new talent. After he finished wandered down to the Concourse to get something to leave in the hostel library.

Left Hyatt around 10:20 and in bed by 11:30.

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Chicon 7 Day One
Woke 5:30 couldn't really get back to sleep caught up on email and LJ got up 7:30 found I've got blisters. Washed up, sorted clothes and then down to breakfast by 8:00. Better selection than yesterday, possibly as I was earlier. Added toasted bagel with cream cheese, croissant, and an apple to what I had yesterday!

Updated diary and posted sections to LJ.
Left at 9:30 walked north on Michigan and turned right on Wacker arrived at 10:00 read until 10:25 intending to go to the first program item "Sing along chicon 2000 songbook" unfortunately and unexpectedly it was full by the time I got there and they had run out of songbooks!

So I wandered up to registration, where I bumped into James B. He told me all systems were go for Saturdays listie curry.

Read for a bit, got my first ribbon from [livejournal.com profile] filkerdave, chatted, found the dealers room (not open until 12:00) and Ruth B chatted for a
while. Another chat with [livejournal.com profile] filkerdave, I've already spoken to more people than at Eastercon!

Read for a bit then took a wander around the dealers room and concourse. Picked up a book from the SF Outreach project. Spent an hour there, offered my seacon 79 t-shirt to the worlcon exhibit (if I can find it).

Then to Subway for lunch.

Read while waiting for the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony was styled as the John Scalzi talk show, with a band (Toyboat) and guests; Eric Korshak (co-chair of Chicon I), Deb Kosiba (Hugo designer), Kathy (younger sister of Rowena Morrill), Mike Resnik, Jane Frank, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Sy Liebergot (mission control for Apollo), Dave McCarty (co- chair of Chicon 7).

Then went down to the con suite had a drink and a bite. Met and chatted about Hugos with John.

Toured the Art show lots of differing media.

Went to McDs in pedway had southern chicken meal with dipped ice-cream, $7.46. Kicked out at 7:00 when it closed. Did have free working wifi unlike the Hyatt/Chicon.

At 7:30 I found Columbus EF where Sy Liebergot (exNASA Flight Controller) gave a talk "Apollo 13: The Longest Hour" the story of how the Apollo 13 story really started.

This was followed by "GoH Presentation Rowena Morrill" by sister Kathy Morrill. Rowena to I'll to come, but she coached her sister with stories about the pictures in this slide show. Met Michelle again as I was leaving, had a gopher t-shirt already!

So far there have been two newsletters "the Write Stuff" and two "Pink Sheet" with program changes.

Walked down Micigan to hostel. Read a bit. Bed by 11:20

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Got up 6:20 as normal for a week day. Caught 7:35 to Gatwick arrived by 8:00.

Took about half and hour to check baggage and get boarding tickets. Left my book on the US Airways desk :(

New massive departure security area. Got through in only ten minutes.

Then had to travel through a maze of duty free perfume shops. Checked WH Smiths for alternative reading but only books that looked interesting were £12.99 for a trade paperback!

Boarding at gate 13, got there by 9:00. So from getting to airport to waiting for the plane only took one hour.

On board around 9:30 seat 21F, plane took off at 10:13

In flight movie (on demand) Rio. Halfway through lunch was served. Low salt, chicken, boiled new potatoes with broccoli, salad. And roll with melon and pineapple to finish. Drinks served included tea, cranapple, orange juice, coffee. Tried to sleep to little effect.

Read ebook, then had salad sandwich at 5:05pm.

Landed at Charlotte eight hours after take off and 6540km later.

Got to passport control 6:30pm BST / 1:30pm local. Got through to baggage claim 2:10pm all baggage already in the hall. Sailed through customs then had a BK Whopper meal at around 3:00pm.

Went to gate D5 checked email and LJ on my eeepc, charged iPod via it's USB port. Then started reread of "Magic Below Stairs" recovered from checked bag earlier.

Started boarding 5.40pm plane took off at 6.25pm
Arrived Chicago 7:00 an hour and thirty five minutes later. Was waiting at baggage claim until 7:30 when bags started to appear.

Got $10 CTA Transit Card, left O'Hare 7:52, got to Jackson stop on the Blue Line about 40 min later. (used $2.25 of credit). Checked in to hostel (HI Chicago) and was in bed by 9:15pm. (3.15am BST ).. (3.15am BST ).

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