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Went to Specsavers for Eye test, paid for by work and got glasses for VDU work (also paid for by work). Also got my hearing tested, all OK. Also got hair cut.
Southern Rail are still striking, decided to take day off as roofing contractor came to see about quote. Also got a quote for new fencing and install of new patio £11,000+! (decided not to use this contractor)
The SF Book Club meeting discussed Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon - and unfortunately our normal upstairs room was full so had to gather in the main bar downstairs. Also our Fearless leader had only just got out of hospital so was unable to come ;-(
Next door neighbour is getting his garage re-roofed, since my garage shared the wall a combined re-roofing is cheaper, so another expense (too look forward too).
Managed to find a roofing contractor and had the roof de-mossed, all tiles checked for cracks, the ridge tiles were re-cemented, and one tile needed replacing.
Broke a tooth and discovered my 6 month appointment was in a couple of days! A couple of weeks later lost another filing and had to return to the dentist for a second temp patch.
My sister came to visit our parents and I was able to join the 3 of them for a weekend visit. On Sunday my Aunt, Uncle and cousin came over with baby cousin one removed!
Dance class every Tuesday, focused on waltz - new steps - practice on 3rd Friday and Social Dance on last Saturday.
Yoga classes continue every Wednesday after work, numbers fluctuate, but still persevering.
Strictly Come Dancing started on BBC1
Managed to leave my Amazon Fire on the train, didn't get it back, so had to order a replacement
Saw "Escape from the Planet of the Day that Time Forgot" at the Hawth theatre in Crawley, a wonderful three hander performance with minimal scenery.
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Both my thumbs are hurting more and more, the left more than the right. I have an appointment to get checked when I get back from Spain.

On my first Monday back from the US I saw ParaNorman (PG) at the Orion Cinema, on low cost Monday so it was only £4.60, I got home around 8:00. I installed python for coursera.org online programming course, that had just started.

On Wednesday I bought a powered USB hub (to be used with my raspberry pi that I re-ordered from element 14), a book and a BK whopper meal. Read in the library for an hour before going to dance class. After finishing the beginners class the teacher suggested I move to the next class as there was someone in need of a partner. I stayed in an extra 1:15hr and paired up with J (who had just got back from Chicago!)

Not as good a pairing as K & I but time will tell.

Got an audio visual adapter for iPod allowing YouTube and native Video to be played through a TV. BBC iPlayer doesn't work though.

Started a cold, taking antihistamines to reduce symptoms.

Last Saturday was the end of month dance, to which I went. I got paired with P from the beginners class. Did cha cha, rumba, waltz and quickstep. Also the rumba one sequence dance. Didn't try foxtrot.

Spent most of Sunday asleep, back to work on Monday. On Tuesday the day before flying to Spain I manage to forget my keys and didn't realise till I got home! So I had to go all the way back to work (3 staff were still working) then home I got back 3 hours after leaving work the first time!!

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