March 2017

Apr. 7th, 2017 09:08 am
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Yoga class has been reduced to 4 students and last 3 weeks there was no class;-(
On the first Saturday I was busy as in the morning I went to HH Library for a history walk around town by railway.
Then in the evening went to The Drill Hall in Horsham with my sister & J for a dance with the Milestone Big Band, with a basic cha cha class taught by Christopher & Diana Crowhurst
and then demo from same. Danced a number of cha chas with J & C. Went home with C to visit the family.
Two weeks later we all returned to the same location for an afternoon tea dance, which had a better selection of dance styles, and tea and sandwiches, for less than the previous offering. The 3 of us had a better time.
Saw Logan (15) at the cinema after work (met J from work there - unplanned).
Other sister H came to visit, from Somerset, and we went to visit my niece at her new house. Gave my sister my spare copy of "A Natural History of Dragons".
On second Monday went to book club to discuss The Peace War / Marooned in Realtime (had finished the first book but not all the second)
Had a bad cold, such that I lost most of my voice, and fortunately was assigned admin at work (rather than having to answer phone calls). Had more interrupted sleep due to coughing!
Ballroom Dancing classes continued every Tuesday, revised technique on the ballroom style dances.
Restarted regularly listening to audio books, via Audible (after a dip in February). Started listening to the Lady Trent's Memoirs which are perfect audio material.
Got diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, pain in my feet and fingers.
used up my last leave by taking last 2 days of the month off! On Thursday went down to Brighton and bought tickets to see "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Theatre Royal preceded by a tour of the back stage area. Something to look forward too.
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The organisation I am still working for (a year after I started) is now South East CSU (Sussex IT Services).
One of the advantages of working in Worthing as I am travelling in the opposite direction to everyone going to London. As a result I have got a seat every day (apart from a couple of exceptional times).
Got the new Mercy Thompson anthology "Shifting Shadows by Pat Briggs" from Audible
For the first time I got on the wrong train (in the morning) and was travelling east (rather than west). Got off at Berwick and got in to the office an hour later than intended!
D got a second apple tree and vine, and i dug the holes to plant them into. Told him to stop buying any more trees!
Brighton Reading Group discussed Pattern Recognition by William Gibson (I didn't finish reading it) at Earth and Stars pub
Bathroom tiled so all walls and floor of bathroom covered (no longer any bare floorboards).
Went to the dentist, got filling in bottom right incisor.
Went Ballroom Dancing every Tuesday with Social Dance on the last Saturday of the month with a practice night the Friday 8 days prior to this.
Visited my family for the weekend (with a laptop issue to solve).
New Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight arrived unexpectedly. Works perfectly. However discoved that most of my books are on the US site with the Nook accesses the UK one.
Contacted support to get this resolved to no avail (Nook iOS app connects to US site)
New steel bath is finally installed (apart from the overflow)
Completed to date (end off Goblet of Fire)
Saw "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 3D"
Contract extended to end of March! This can of course be cancelled at any time by either party but still.. Nice to have some income while it's disappearing on bathroom refurbishment.

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