June 2017

Jul. 5th, 2017 04:46 pm
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Started Cold / Flu / Allergies at the beginning of the month which continued through to the end of the month. Did see a Doctor, and prescribed medication.
J Returned from S America, so was able to dance with a partner once again. Went to 2 Saturday dances, one in BH one in Crawley, the latter being the Summer tea dance with Tea and Dance Demo
Continued line dancing, 10 weeks to last class in the month. Yoga had a 2 week hiatus at end of the month due to low numbers
Saw Wonder Woman at the cinema, best DC movie since the original Superman!
I had to transfer domain dendarii.co.uk from Just the Name to 1&1 (JTN stopped trading), transition went without a hitch.
Completed all Mandatory online training at work. Had problems with the IP phone system (made difficulties for a service desk!)
D has decided to move back to Holland, and intends to be gone in August (hopefully after I get back from Worldcon)
Continued to listen to audio books, finished Sorcerer to the Crown, Winter Tide, Mira's Last Dance, & Storm Front: The Dresden Files.
Summer finally arrived with record temperatures, of course this only lasted for about a week!
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Both my thumbs are hurting more and more, the left more than the right. I have an appointment to get checked when I get back from Spain.

On my first Monday back from the US I saw ParaNorman (PG) at the Orion Cinema, on low cost Monday so it was only £4.60, I got home around 8:00. I installed python for coursera.org online programming course, that had just started.

On Wednesday I bought a powered USB hub (to be used with my raspberry pi that I re-ordered from element 14), a book and a BK whopper meal. Read in the library for an hour before going to dance class. After finishing the beginners class the teacher suggested I move to the next class as there was someone in need of a partner. I stayed in an extra 1:15hr and paired up with J (who had just got back from Chicago!)

Not as good a pairing as K & I but time will tell.

Got an audio visual adapter for iPod allowing YouTube and native Video to be played through a TV. BBC iPlayer doesn't work though.

Started a cold, taking antihistamines to reduce symptoms.

Last Saturday was the end of month dance, to which I went. I got paired with P from the beginners class. Did cha cha, rumba, waltz and quickstep. Also the rumba one sequence dance. Didn't try foxtrot.

Spent most of Sunday asleep, back to work on Monday. On Tuesday the day before flying to Spain I manage to forget my keys and didn't realise till I got home! So I had to go all the way back to work (3 staff were still working) then home I got back 3 hours after leaving work the first time!!

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