July 2016

Aug. 8th, 2016 12:29 pm
mbernardi: (WeeMee)
Delay Repay - due to rail delays and strike action meant my season ticket cost 3/4 it's usual price.
At work we are now using soft VOIP phone, sound quality is poor so getting a better headset helped (a bit)
This month's SF Book Club was on the first Monday this month and the set read was Embassytown by China Miéville - which again I didn't complete. good discussion. P gave directions to his house for party next weekend.
Used GPS on my iphone to find P's house - celebrating his birthday later this month and the summer solstice! food, drink and conversation all very good stayed 2:20-7:20
Went to see doctor about aches and pains and had to go for a fasting blood test (meaning no food for 12 hours before blood taken)
Ballroom Dance classes on Tue, we revised jive (though no new steps). The Saturday Social (last saturday of the month) practiced all the dances as usual (danced rumba one as lady!)
J's birthday on 8th, so I took the day off and we went up to London for the day. First went to Forbidden Planet, just to have a look around - I did buy 1 book! Then we walked to the Prince of Wales Theatre where we had tickets booked to see The Book of Mormon (at a matinee) before this we had lunch at Eds diner. The play was a comic musical, which was fairly respectful of the source material (Life of Brian being similar). After the theatre we walked along the embankment, then to All Bar One opposite Canon Street station where we had a light supper before walking to The Shard (above London Bridge station), After going through airport style security took to lifts up to 68th floor
Stayed until sunset and the lights came on over all London. Magical day.
Mid month my fridge expired and had to order a replacement, this arrived fairly quickly, but had to use ice block to keep the temperature inside cool until it could e replaced.
The new fridge did arrive in a timely manner and all perishable were transferred successfully - though some stuff was binned!
iPhone bricked itself, would not turn back on. Had to reset to factory defaults and restore from cloud backup. worked fine only one app didn't restore. Must remember to sync to iTunes regularly.
Had ben able to use my Fire tablet to keep my diary up to date.
Continuing with Yoga even tough number have been as low as 3 students.
Mum had been in hospital for three weeks after an operation, and once she was home I went to visit.
Last Monday of the month there was a fatality on the line. This delayed trains so much I didn't get home til 9:00 4 hours later than usual!
On the last Wednesday went to the Hawth to see Arrival - The Hits of ABBA , started at 7:30 and finished just before 10:00, with an interval - showing adverts from the 70's. The show used 6 people on stage - but also showed video above the stage - either news reel footage, cover art & music videos reshot with the 4 principle stage characters. Also a lot of audience participation.
And on the last Friday we had a work team building exercise with most of the team enjoying BBQ and cup cakes near the beach of Goring Gap
Last day of the month was the deadline for Hugo award voting - sent my votes in even if I hadn't read all that I should.
Looking back over the month it seems that more happened than usual, from train delays to concerts, faulty phone and fridge, and two birthday adventures

April 2015

May. 19th, 2015 01:35 pm
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First day unemployed, bought tickets to London for Eastercon, Went to book club (first time in over a year)
D gave me a iPhone 5 as an early birthday present!
Spent a while learning to use it and configure it. (and to upgrade all the apps)

On Thu left for London, visited the Science Museum before going to Heathrow and checking in to the Holiday In.
Good Friday
Breakfast at McD (and for rest of W/E as on way from Holiday Inn to Park Inn (were the convention was held)
Checked in to Eastercon 2015 / Dysprosium got free mug and discworld calendar, got wifi working! on both ipod and iphone
Went to back to back panels, my favourite being the difference engine imaged and imagined by the author of "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage "
bought food at petrol station / co-op over the road. Spent an hour at filking
After McD porridge for breakfast, more panels including GoHs Caroline Mullan & Jim Butcher (in separate program items)
Met a chatted to Listie Katrina & fiancé
Concerts with Playing Rapunzel followed by Talis+2 (Seannan McGuire unable to join in due to lurgy)
Easter Sunday
After McD porridge for breakfast, went to Easter worship then checked out art show for last time
GoH - Herr Döktor interview and GoH - Seanan McGuire (an hour with). In evening was Not the masquerade! an hour of filking
Easter Monday
Last day of con. couple of panels then closing ceremony. Chatted with ED. Read in hotel room (should have left but...)

Left in morning spent hour and a half at the science museum
Got a call from Agency asking if I wanted to renew contract! I said yes. Restarting work in 2 days.
Dancing with J - started learning new quickstep. Later in the month expanded the foxtrot repertoire
Spent day after return from Eastercon replacing upstairs toilet with D! Discovered seat had broken at the hinges so had to order replacement
Bought weekly season tickets until the end of the month, than a monthly one! And back to work!
I celebrated my birthday during April and got cards from family & my dance partner, went for a nice lunch with the latter, followed with hours talking in the sun. Saw ISS pass overhead that night!
The following day celebrated my sister's (and my) birthday with another lunch out, with niece, her intended, my sister and brother-in-law and a nice surprise my aunt and uncle (who I hadn't seen for months - even though they only live a few miles away)
Also celebrated 8 years since I started writing on LiveJournal in 2007
the Brighton SF Reading group met on the second Monday of the month as the previous week was Easter Monday
We discussed Ancillary Justice for most of the 2 hours, usually we only spend the first hour on the book itself, then wander ot ofther genre topics. But this time almost all discussion was on topic. That I had actually finished the book was probably a plus!
Went to World Book Night Quiz at Martlets Cafe - cam 2nd of 7 teams! Go free book.
Finally got a SIM for my iPhone, bit odd to actually have a working Smart Phone!
Last Saturday of the month was social dance, with practice night 8 days prior to this. Spotted a Circus in Goffs Park, decided to go.
Up early sunday morning so I could get train to Crawly for the 11:00 performance by Zyair circus
Had sunday lunch while waiting to go to the cinema then discovered it had sold out! Sky box performed an update which now allows it to remember recored programs and to automatically start recording the new series!
Now separates recorded programs from scheduled programs (different menu entried)
Started watching iZombie via internet as not available via Sky.

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