May 2016

Jun. 1st, 2016 03:00 pm
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Ballroom Dance classes every Tuesday revised quicksep and learnt new section in Foxtrot, and also in Rumba, and Tango
Two Saturday Socials Dances this month, the last Saturday one included Tea ans scones with a demo of six dances.
There is now a kitten in the house, after much searching D managed to find a delightful queen we have decided to call Maya, she has her own room, and I have to keep all my doors closed!
Went to Dave's Comics in Brighton for Free Comic Book Day, also bought the first Asterix book (in English)
Went for a walk along the seafront, first time in months if not years!
On the second Monday the Brighton SF reading group, discussed Foreigner, which I originally read in 1994; 22 years ago. Given that the series is still going 18 books later, not one I would pick, as a book club read. I did actually finish reading it though.
I've been using my Amazon Fire to view TV programs off line. The picture is a reasonable size and the sound (through ear buds) is reasonable. I've also installed a number of ebook reading programs, OverDrive is the best as it syncs across platforms.
As a result of having a fire tablet I also transfered my digital content from to AND have merged my 2 audible accounts to use my amazon login (I've also changed the password for the first time in years!)
I finally got around to mowing both the front and back lawns (the latter for the first time this year - hard work)
Yoga class continues after work, on Wednesday - the numbers have been a little erratic but there were 6 of us last week.
The rail strike have impacted on my yoga class as 2 of the three day were on Wednesday, and the last train left at 5:29! It has also meant that I have got Delay Repay voucher of £20+ (which I used to buy next month's season ticket!
I made my annual pilgrimage to the Circus as part of the Brighton Festival, this year it was the Moscow State Circus, and it was as amazing as ever.
Spent the last Bank Holiday of the month at my sister's place, in part to celebrate my Mum's 81st birthday on Friday. My sister has been discovering the joy of dance and taught me 3 line dances, which were fun. My Brother in Law was re-roofing the shed (with help from my nephew in law!)

July 2014

Aug. 3rd, 2014 05:11 pm
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My Kobo eReader had it's ups and downs this month. The operating system / interface was upgraded to make it work more like the iOS app. Unfortunately the micro USB, used to recharge and copy files to it, got damaged do it's now unusable. In addition it appears Kobo have decided not to continue making it so a replacement is not available.
Dancing with C & J on Tuesday of every week and the social dance on the last Saturday. J arrived early but in general the number of attendees was low. Gave J a copy of Firefly (the series) for her birthday. Also booked to see the HP Experience next month with her. Paid £5 deposit for New Years party.
Weather has been warm and sunny for most of the month, so I have been wearing short sleeve shirts to work. Dress code requires a collar so T-shirts are out.
I got a discount ticket (from work) to see Billy Smart's Circus at Lancing. The seat and program together only cost £5, this may have been the first time I've seen this particular circus.
Went to see my chiropractor, and he also tried my first acupuncture on my left leg. not sure if it made any difference, did feel odd though!
Renovating my garage and back garden. CS has emptied it of his stuff and installed a back door leading to a new path in the garden. He has also installed a hefty new gate and new fencing (on the right side looking from my back door). Attempted to buy replacement front garage door but no luck.
D took me in "his" taxi to the post office to collect a package from amazon. First time he's taken me anywhere!
Bought a new watch strap, to replace the broken original one, and saw "How to Train Your Dragon 2 - 3D"
Mowed the front and back lawns (in different days).
First Monday in the month I was at the Earth and Stars in Brighton for our Science Fiction Discussion Group to talk about Device Endurance. We were relegated to a table in the main back as the upper room had been book by another function.
Had to visit the dentist to get a filling in my upper left. I arrived much too early but is was raining and I didn't want to get wet wandering around town.
Mum phoned to say that she kept getting popup adverts on her laptop, so I went to visit and sorted it out. Had to de-install a load of Adware, and a couple of apparent trojans. Started accessing site - eats time! but fun.
Had a cough for the end of the month, finished bottle of cough mixture.
Walk to the Post Office Delivery Office, took just over an hour and a half there and back! Collected amazon package.
Saw Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go [Live at the O2] on the Gold TV channel. It was of more interest as a event than the content.
Renewed my train season ticket. Got my London hotel booking extended to a day before and after Loncon3, Mobile version of program now live.
Bought 2 pairs of shorts and 2 short sleeved shirts. Returned 2 audible books for credit.
Have had blisters on right toes, but as the first two weeks in August dancing is off, I should recover.
Last Monday of the month had a major thunderstorm. Lightning strike on electric substation at Hove station; meant no trains on South West line from Brighton. So couldn't get in to work (did get to Brighton) so went home for the day.
Sent in my Hugo and Retro Hugo votes online. Alarm clock batteries expired.
Started setup for LFS101x - Introduction to Linux at Created Ubuntu 14.04.1 install on USB Disc
Also started editing my electronic diary for last year prior to printing it out.

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