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As J had just returned from 6 weeks travelling across Canada, we had to have a catch up private dance lesson. Managed to cover all the new material, and revised those bits she had forgotten!
Went to see The Martian at The Dome Worthing in 3D. It was very impressive, almost everything in the film occurred in the book (except for the coda at the end). and they managed to show the highlights without it feeling incomplete (see Dune for a counter example)
Nominee contender for next year's Hugo Awards? I still think the audiobook was the best version though.
Dance classes every Tuesday, revised Viennese waltz, learned new steps in rumba.
Saw Dr Who, and the new Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series.
Worked on Scratch programming via Coursera, it's a lot more involved but simple.
Yoga class continues for an hour every Wednesday after work
The Brighton SF Reading group discussed King David's Spaceship, which I actually managed to finish! Not the liveliest discussion.
Went in to surgery on a Saturday for my yearly flu jab, despite arriving at 8:30 there was already a long queue, it went down quickly.
This was followed by a visit to my chiropractor, who indicated that my posture had improved since I started yoga.
Bought a load of clothes at ASDA, and had to hem one pair of trousers due to being too long. but only pair in my waist size ;-(
Got a first day cover of star wars stamps - very pretty
Saw Back to the Future (part 1 & 2) on the 21st. Booked the following day off, as there was a drop in session at the library I was interested in.
However Gentleman Joel & the Red Queen eARC by Lois McMaster Bujold was published the previous day so instead I spent the day reading my favourite author!
On Thursday 28th my dance teacher organised a night out at a theatre in London, however due to miscommunications I didn't discover I was invited until Tuesday (two days before!),
I had to get emergency time off of a couple of hours on Thu which was allowed and met up with J and other early.
Saw Pig Farm at St James Theatre, 12 Palace Street SW1E 5JA seat C20 about 2m from the stage! Performance from 7:30-9:30 with intermission, interesting choice - only 4 on stage roles.
Not something I would have paid to see but for free!... Got home 11:20!
Went social dancing on the last two Saturdays of the month. First with Strictly Dance Magic at Burgess Hill School for Girls, then with Crawley Dance Academy at St Wilfrid's School Crawley.
Clocks went back an hour on 25th at 2am/1am

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