March 2016

Apr. 8th, 2016 01:40 pm
mbernardi: (WeeMee)
Ballroom Dancing with J all month (on Tuesday evening) practicing Foxtrot with some Tango revision. J's mum in hospital
Visited parents and sisters family, setup iPad for my Mum. Gave gad his belated birthday card. J's mum died.
Updated The Bujold Nexus a bit. Ordered some books from amazon, collected then from the Amazon locker in town
Yoga class every Wednesday after work, now paid for by the students at £6 per week
Bought short book for £1 for World Book Day. The SF Reading group met to discuss Anima by Brett Davidson a book that has not yet been officially published by our fearless leader!
Barnes and Noble are to stop supporting the Nook ereader in the UK, uk Nook users can automatically transfer their library to Sainsbury's Entertainment On demand. I tried and only one book was copied.
As it stands my Nook Wifi is not longer of any use so I will have to "root" it to turn it into an android 2.1 tablet and be able to use wifi again.
Decided to re-read all Diane Duane's Young Wizards as part of Mark Reads
Printed my 2015 Diary via Doxdirect, it appears to be slightly longer than the previous volumes.
Cut the front lawn for the first time this year, exhausted me, now I have to mow the back lawn!
Social dance was a week early due to Easter using that week end.
For the first time since I started at work I was on the very early shift 7:30-3:30 (I did say that I was available for this time slot) Unfortunately due to train time I actually gt to the station 7:28 so I have 2 minutes to get to the office and get setup (with a cup of tea), this work out OK. - no late trains.
Did some overtime - setting up new account to allow GPs to use WiFi. iPhone iOS updated to ver 9.3
Remembers to nominate in the Hugos this year!
Eastercon 2016 - Mancunicon

July 2015

Aug. 5th, 2015 03:23 pm
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Spent most of the month with blisters on my right foot - in various states of healing (or otherwise).
Collected my Nook from TB station! Must stop leaving stuff behind.
Mowed both back and front lawns. Amazing how fast the stuff grows during the summer.
First Monday in the month discussed The Death of Grass, again didn't finish the book before the Reading Group meeting!
Dancing every Tuesday evening, mostly revising - prior to all going off on holidays!
Had a short play on to catch up to date, used my new laptop for the first time for this purpose.
Finally got around to making some updates to The Bujold Nexus, it's been three years since my last update!
After over a year and a half I got an official NHS ID Card - doesn't do anything but looks official!
I have installed Adobe ePub Reader on my new laptop and for the first time in year I have manage to get it to work. Even borrowing a book from the library and copying it to my Nook!
I have been listening the Pat Wrede's Frontier Magic trilogy. I have read the books a number of times, but the audio reading brings an extra dimension to the work.
Got a new Netgear router (which when it worked was 30% faster) however stopped working correctly (DNS issues) after a few days. Must contact support to fix.
This has been the busiest month at work since I started! between 200% & 150% previous months calls answered!
Renewed house insurance. Agent Carter being shown on Fox!
Saw Ant-Man at cinema in Worthing £3 showing saw Inside Out at local Cinema £6.50!
Middle of the month went to visit family - last chance before The Wedding - was provided with accessories (socks, tie and pocket hankie!)
Finally took a walk around bedelands for an hour, I really must start walking around this green area again!
Submitted reading for Gas and Electricity - first time since January - should be quarterly!
Dance practice was a week late so I was dancing two days running (Social dance last Saturday of the month) and got the blisters to prove it.
Didn't go to dance class the Tuesday after the social dance - due to blisters - J also had cold so please to get evening off.
Did some overtime as under staffed and getting backlog of emails!

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