May 2016

Jun. 1st, 2016 03:00 pm
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Ballroom Dance classes every Tuesday revised quicksep and learnt new section in Foxtrot, and also in Rumba, and Tango
Two Saturday Socials Dances this month, the last Saturday one included Tea ans scones with a demo of six dances.
There is now a kitten in the house, after much searching D managed to find a delightful queen we have decided to call Maya, she has her own room, and I have to keep all my doors closed!
Went to Dave's Comics in Brighton for Free Comic Book Day, also bought the first Asterix book (in English)
Went for a walk along the seafront, first time in months if not years!
On the second Monday the Brighton SF reading group, discussed Foreigner, which I originally read in 1994; 22 years ago. Given that the series is still going 18 books later, not one I would pick, as a book club read. I did actually finish reading it though.
I've been using my Amazon Fire to view TV programs off line. The picture is a reasonable size and the sound (through ear buds) is reasonable. I've also installed a number of ebook reading programs, OverDrive is the best as it syncs across platforms.
As a result of having a fire tablet I also transfered my digital content from to AND have merged my 2 audible accounts to use my amazon login (I've also changed the password for the first time in years!)
I finally got around to mowing both the front and back lawns (the latter for the first time this year - hard work)
Yoga class continues after work, on Wednesday - the numbers have been a little erratic but there were 6 of us last week.
The rail strike have impacted on my yoga class as 2 of the three day were on Wednesday, and the last train left at 5:29! It has also meant that I have got Delay Repay voucher of £20+ (which I used to buy next month's season ticket!
I made my annual pilgrimage to the Circus as part of the Brighton Festival, this year it was the Moscow State Circus, and it was as amazing as ever.
Spent the last Bank Holiday of the month at my sister's place, in part to celebrate my Mum's 81st birthday on Friday. My sister has been discovering the joy of dance and taught me 3 line dances, which were fun. My Brother in Law was re-roofing the shed (with help from my nephew in law!)

June 2014

Jul. 11th, 2014 08:38 pm
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Still working on two Coursera modules - "Understanding Europe: Why It Matters and What It Can Offer You" and "Programming for Everybody (Python)"
This month's SF Reading Group book was "Falling Free" which I did manage to read before the discussion. Mosoup finished it and like it.
Danced with J for the last time until the Social Dance - as she was on holiday in Peru for the rest of the month. Also danced with C and then on my own. Got lift to TB station from I & C.
Went to the Theatre to see 2 live episodes of Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish.
The Hugo Voter's Packet was available for download from, though 3 of the novels were excluded - got them from the library instead
Had my 6 month dental check, needed a filling in back left tooth in the upper jaw. Had to book another appointment for this to be repaired.
On the 12th to visit family before going to Somerset on Friday 13th for my little siters renewal of vows / handfasting. Travelled there and back with my niece and fiancé.
The 7 of us stayed in a chalet (John Fowler Holiday Park - Sandy Glade). Saturday was a lovely sunny day and H & F renewed vows with a druid and a circle of friends.
Went to Beer and Folk festival at the Hawth - before the social dance on the last Saturday of the month. Took my winter coat to be dry cleaned
Saw the X-Men: Days of Future Past. Renewed my train monthly season ticket.

March 2014

Apr. 5th, 2014 09:02 pm
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First weekend I was still visiting family. Saturday am sis pulled me out of bed to go for a walk with the dogs and BiL. More fun than I thought it would be though the mud, and tree devastation was unpleasant.
First Monday was the SF Book Reading meeting at the Earth and Stars in Brighton. This month's book was Ubik by Philip K Dick (didn't finish this one)
Been ballroom dancing with C & J every Tuesday this month.
Last Saturday of the month was the social dance and danced all the dances with J even the recently (still learning) Tango.
I've been to the chiropractors (on Saturday) and I'm fairly certain that the results are due to the Placebo Effect, but still it works.
Got a MyWaitrose card which gives me a free coffee every day, and discounts on some purchases.
Continued to update GoodReads, though my main book database is still LibraryThing. I've been uploading local photos there.
Got the code for a streamed version of the Veronica Mars Movie, but the original HD version wouldn't play on my PC and none of my other devices would either. Eventually a SD release appeared and this would play (but I haven't finished it yet!)
I started taking e-learning courses at work (these are apparently mandatory if you work in NHS) but it's a good thing to be able to do during down time between phone calls (especially on Fridays)
Got confirmation that my contract had been extended to the end of April.
Went to London on the last Wednesday of the month. Mostly so I could go to the Science Museum Lates, and visit the CERN/Collider exhibition (half price). I went first to the British Library and also popped in to Forbidden Planet and got 3 books!
Finally took a short walk around Bedelands (first time in over a year), must get back into the habit when the weather improves.
Manage to break one of my two cereal bowls, fist such breakage in years so not a major issue.
Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier (didn't have much of the winter soldier in it).
Finally got around to sending in my Hugo Nomination on the last day. I really need to be more organised a) about remembering what to nominate during the year and b) actually nominating well in advance.

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