April 2017

May. 5th, 2017 01:03 pm
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Yoga class has still been reduced to 4 students and last week there was no class. Decided to add an additional workout and have now started line dancing on Wednesday evening.
Watched 3 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
At work the merger between SE CSU and NEL CSU was completed first week of the month, (IT merged last year). IT Team has new installed Skype for business (IM Service from NHS Mail).
In ballroom dancing learned new sequence in Waltz, and new sequence dance the Veleta, social dance on last Saturday of the month and 2 additional practices on 2nd & 3rd Fridays.
Got some sad news too. Dance partner J's Dad died, after some weeks of ill health. Had a DNR authorisation.
Stared final migration from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth, including all my posts and as many contacts and feeds as I can. I started posting to LJ on 11 April 2007 and it seems appropriate to finish 10 years later. This will be my last post at LiveJournal, my next post will only appear at Dreamwidth.
On the 8th I treated myself to a day at the Theatre Royal in Brighton (as previously noted) Walking back stage (and on stage), getting to see all the props for the afternoon performance was really cool. It's also really small, I've also been backstage at the Hawth (a much more modern theatre) which has much wider passageways and rooms. But then the Theatre Royal was built 210 years ago.
In the afternoon I attended a matinee performance of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" based on the movie (which I saw many years ago) with a delightful performance by Joanne Clifton as Millie.
The following Monday the SF Book club discussed Crashing Heaven by Al Robertson, which I hadn't finished on the night, but did complete the book a few days later.
Took my birthday off work and spent the day with my family (it is my sister's birthday the day after mine so we usually celebrate together), walked the dog together! Chinese meal for lunch.
Eastercon was in Birmingham NEC - stayed at Arden Hotel And Leisure Club about 20min walk from the con hotel (but cheaper!) used its Leisure club facilities a number of times
Registered for Innominate and collected program pack and badge, used app to select program items of interest (the one do not miss was ""Vorkosigan's Law: Legal Concepts from an Imagined Universe - this compared and contrasted the fictional universe with example in the British Legal system - SB was in the military and has since become a barrister!)
The program opened with a bang as Dr Emma J King, educator from The Royal Institution explored the history of the institute with added explosions!
The trek to and from my hotel was a bit of a pain, but the room cost were almost half that of the con hotel so.... (and it was good exercise).
The other program items that I didn't was to miss was the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, which was one of the best attended and started with free jellybabies! And the Easter Morning Service, which was non-denominations with a CoE backbone.
I did attend a least one program item with each GoH (Pat Cadigan, Colin Harris & Judith Clute. I also supported the Dublin worldcon bid.
My journey home was also somewhat fraught, as I caught what I thought was the Virgin - London train, but which I discovered, at Winchester, was going to Bournemouth! I did get off at the next stop of Southampton Central, then had to take a train along the south coast from the Isle of Wight to Brighton, before getting home some hours latter than expected (I still managed to got some shopping before going ballroom dancing!)
I finally topped up my iPhone, with £10 credit (may have been a year since my last £10) got one month addition £20 credit for free. BUT I have to use it before 24 May
Had my bi-annual dental checkup and will have to return for another filling, but generally speaking my teeth are OK!
D & I did a major spring clean of the kitchen (may be the most comprehensive clean since it was re-built!) Floor was bushed and mopped and scrubbed, all the counters were cleared and cleaned, the bins emptied, the sink and cooker tops cleaned and the freezer was defrosted!
I will have to buy replacement dish racks now though.
And this is the end of my posting to LiveJournal, all future material will appear at Dreamwidth anyone who wants to follow me there feel free, please comment there rather than on LJ. All my previous LJ material and comments have been imported into Dreamwidth.

March 2017

Apr. 7th, 2017 09:08 am
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Yoga class has been reduced to 4 students and last 3 weeks there was no class;-(
On the first Saturday I was busy as in the morning I went to HH Library for a history walk around town by railway.
Then in the evening went to The Drill Hall in Horsham with my sister & J for a dance with the Milestone Big Band, with a basic cha cha class taught by Christopher & Diana Crowhurst
and then demo from same. Danced a number of cha chas with J & C. Went home with C to visit the family.
Two weeks later we all returned to the same location for an afternoon tea dance, which had a better selection of dance styles, and tea and sandwiches, for less than the previous offering. The 3 of us had a better time.
Saw Logan (15) at the cinema after work (met J from work there - unplanned).
Other sister H came to visit, from Somerset, and we went to visit my niece at her new house. Gave my sister my spare copy of "A Natural History of Dragons".
On second Monday went to book club to discuss The Peace War / Marooned in Realtime (had finished the first book but not all the second)
Had a bad cold, such that I lost most of my voice, and fortunately was assigned admin at work (rather than having to answer phone calls). Had more interrupted sleep due to coughing!
Ballroom Dancing classes continued every Tuesday, revised technique on the ballroom style dances.
Restarted regularly listening to audio books, via Audible (after a dip in February). Started listening to the Lady Trent's Memoirs which are perfect audio material.
Got diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, pain in my feet and fingers.
used up my last leave by taking last 2 days of the month off! On Thursday went down to Brighton and bought tickets to see "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Theatre Royal preceded by a tour of the back stage area. Something to look forward too.
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Renewed my season ticket for the month £212.80, Contract at work has been extended again!
Used up all the eVouchers I had accrued due to train Delay Repay to pay for my ticket to Marks Tey, for this year's Filkcon
Took half day off so that I could go to the Matinee of Private Lives at The Theatre Royal in Brighton
Next day off to Con2bil8 (The 28th UK Filk Convention), 5th – 7th February, 2016 at The Marks Tey Best Western Hotel
With UK Guest of Honour: Piers Cawley and Overseas Guests of Honour: Stone Dragons (Tom & Sue Jeffers)
Discovered the Bungalow Diner just a few minutes down the road. Ate most of my meals there, an English version of an American diner.
Went to Earth & Stars pup on second Monday for SF reading club where we discussed The Diamond Age.
Went to The Hawth to see The Last Tango with Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace, no dancing this week.
Learning new steps in Foxtrot, an revised this every week, Social dance was a week early as the school was using the space for a play.
Forgot my yoga gear one week so missed that class. The funding by NHS stopped this month so we decided to continue funding the class personally at around £6 per week.
One of the irritations of the yoga class was that when we moved the tables in the conference room many off the legs fell off! I finally found an Allen key which allowed me to tighten the appropriate screws and now none of the legs detach!
Listened to audible books almost every day usually for over an hour, due to having the St Mary's Chronicles by Jodi Taylor, to listen to.
Updated The Bujold Nexus - (Bibliography). Need to update more regularly as it is coming up to the 20th Anniversary!
Saw Deadpool at the Dome cinema in Worthing. One of the best moves I seen in the last year. Rather more adult in nature than the usual super hero fare but funnier too.
Used paper Delay Repay vouchers to get ticket to London for Picocon 33 on 20th. Guests of Honour: Paul Cornell, Carrie Hope Fletcher & Michelle Paver. Had to leave early as the social dance was this evening.
Booked bed at YHA in Manchester for this years Eastercon. I've also got membership of Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, Finland.
Got two hardback books from amazon at enough discount that it was paper back price. Amazon locker in town is really handy.
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After the New Year's Eve Dance, I stayed over with J, and finally started watching Game of Thrones! Actually finished watching series 1 and started series 2.
I ordered two print on demand books, one collecting all my LJ posts and comments, the other all the books I've read since March 2007 (when I started using LibraryThing to catalog books owned and read.
The LJ material actually generated something the size of a normal novel! I've also finished editing my 2015 diary but I am waiting for a discount code before sending it to print.
Finally bought my membership for Eastercon in Manchester this year.
Dance classes continue on Tuesday with J. Learned new steps in Tango. Started working on technique.
D finally fitted new shower, much improved over the previous unit. Bought new digital blood pressure monitor and scales - bluetooth enabled. Now I can measure both my Blood Pressure and my weight accurately
Yoga class restarted. Funding for this ends the first week in February, but we intend to continue classes self funded.
Discussed "The Androids Dream" by John Scalzi at the SF Reading Group. Once again I fail to finish the book before the meeting. Still enjoyable though.
Saw Stargazing Live (recorded ;-)) with first British space walk - Tim Peake born in Sussex!
Used my new scales and BP monitor to record weight and BP every hour on one Sunday, quite surprising the fluctuations and consistencies.
Temperature finally dropped below 0°C for the first time, we even got a light dusting of snow!
Decided I need to go to the theatre more often (especially as I currently can get there for free) so booked 3 performances at The Theatre Royal - Brighton. Saw the first one "The Mousetrap - 60th Anniversary Tour" on the last Saturday as a matinee.
Got a copy of Gentleman Jole & the Red Queen from Lois McMaster Bujold personally signed.
On the last Wednesday in the month went to London. Saw the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the British Library. Then to the Science Museum to see the Ada Lovelace exhibit. Returned to the Science Museum for SMLates. Main reason wa to see the "Cosmonaut" exhibit which was excellent.
Ordered the Audio version of LMB's GJ&tRQ - I have all the others, though I haven't listened to all of them.
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Suffered cold and had to take time off work. Ballroom dancing classes every Tuesday, but not for the last two weeks
Yoga classes also continued except for the last two weeks of the month.
Bought an amazon fire TV stick, not quite as useful as it seemed in reviews and TV adverts!
Christmas Dance in Steyning Alice & Bradley demo and End of Year Dance in Crawley, demo Sam & Shannon
Brighton SF Book Club had a Christmas party with is short discussion of Bill the Galactic Hero
Visited the Chiropractor, had an issue with my right shoulder.
Finally sent out Christmas cards, and got amazon voucher for xmas presents
Completed Fire Safety training online to complete all mandatory work training - still need face to face fire safety training
Got train and bus to my parents and sister's family home on xmas eve, took 2 hours 30 min (car takes 20 min)
Spent Christmas with my family, came home to discover my shower had failed, had to buy replacement.
Last Tuesday in the month went to the Rocky Horror Show with J, at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.
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Spent New Year's Day with J, went for walk in Bucham Park before lunch (kangaroo steaks!)
Saw The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn on TV (I have not been watching many films of TV of late
Bought Texet Power Bank (to recharge iPod) £6 at Wilco (reduced from £8), this will extend the time before I will be forced to buy a replacement.
Listened to Good Omens on iPlayer - BBC Radio production
Prior to going to to book group heard a bus knock down a pedestrian! (in the argus later) traffic stopped for hours.
To Earth & Stars pub for SF Book meeting "Good Omens" new people turned up
Sky box crashed and deleted ALL content I'd saved over the years!
Dancing wit J on Tuesdays, started to learn a new series of waltz steps.
Decided to re-read daughter of the empire (and its sequels) by wurst & feist and couldn't find my copies.
Discovered library copies at Worthing so got 1st book from there and the other 2 from Brighton (which didn't have the 1st book!)
Saw "Into the Woods" at the cinema in BH. New series of The Librarians is great fun, hope it continues, (but very Warehouse 13).
Saw dentist and got a temp filling in top left, needs proper filling next month.
Booked two tickets to see "Return to the Forbidden Planet" at the Theatre Royal in Brighton (stalls). J & I went to the matinee performance.
J had not seen it before while I'd seen at least 10 prior version. 'twas excellent as usual!
Ordered 3 throwing knives, which arrived very quickly - but were smaller than expected. I will have to source a board to throw at.
Backup of my LJ account to DW
Got my hair cut. Saw the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures (3 programs). Got first 3 episodes of Agent Carter from JA at work, very period - pity not being shown in the UK. Trying to play digital media on TV fails.
Last day of the month was the Social Dance in Crawley
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And once again I forget to update at the weekend.

At the end of last month I went to The Hawth for the Crawley Folk and Beer Festival on the Friday evening and all of Saturday. Met Keith from juggling, listened to Touchstone and Cajun Dawgs before bein collected by K and left after 6.00 to go Ballroom Dancing at St Wilfrid's Schools. Danced a fair bit and almost got the Foxtrot completly correct.
Finished at 10:15 K gave me a lift to the bus station from whence I got the number 10 bus to Gatwick and then home!

We continue classes every Wednesday, and recntly have had an influx of students as the Tuesday class has stopped for the school holidays (it's held at St Wilfrids). This has meant more of a crush, and the foxtrot teaching has been ongoing. Until last week we didn't learn anything new, but yesterday we started to re-learn the Jive!

Since I wasn't home on Saturday I had to go into town on Sunday to do my shopping. After I started watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube. They are awesome.

I've been going to a chiropractor twice a week, but now have got to the point where once a week is enough. I do have to get into the habit of exercising correctly. Since I have managed to get into the habit of playing ukulele for 5-10 minues a day I SHOULD be able to exercise for a similar time every day but....

Recently my Sky+HD box automatically upgraded it's operationg system, the styling is prettier and it will now conect to the internet (if you plug an ethernet cable in) even if your supplier is not Sky. Now if only it had some browsing capability that would be cool.

On Thursday 12th June I went down to Brighton to see "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Radio Show: Live" at the Theatre Royal. This was excellent, during the first half I suprised myself in knowing amost all the dialogue dispite not reading the books or listening to the radio for years. The second half however seem to diverge from the narrative I remembered 9though it may have used the books or even the newer audio series). Anyway i had an excellent time and would recommed it to and SF fans.

Last Monday I went to see "The Amazing Spiderman" at the local cinema (Monday is cheap seats day). It was interesting to see another origin story, a bit darker but perhap more rounded.

Nearly up to date, and must mention 1-800-Missing which is being broadcast daily and is based on a series of books by Meg Cabot, though they do seem to have diverged from the novel plot in series two.
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On Saturday 19th I went to Haywards Heath for an Open Day by Rewards, who are providing the support for my ITQ Diploma. I discussed possible continuation modules and worked on my current ones, including compleating an assiged task.

Then discovered a new (in the last 6 months) 99p shop and bought sundry stuff. Lugged my shopping home on the train then to town, where I got a eye test appointment, and other sundries.

On Sunday I went to Preston Park to see The Moscow State Circus. These are the best circus performers in the world and in one case managed to convey what dance might be in free fall. There was also some very good juggling (which is not always the case). Well worth the trouble getting to see them (even if there was only one train an hour!)

On Tuesday I went to Brighton and have ordered a new belt from "Clever with Leather", this will be hand made to order and so a bit expensive, but may last my lifetime.
However my main reason for going was to see, as part of the Brighton Festival, "Smashed" at The Theatre Royal, a one hour juggling performance by nine performers with nine chairs and numerous apples and at the end crockery. A combination of dance with juggling and music hall melodies it was very memorable.

Wednesday night was dancing night, but before that I went to the bus depot and got an addition week added to my MetroKey hopefully I will thus NOT pay to use buses over the bank holiday.

Due to the heat (23°C indoors) we didn't learn any new Jive ;-( but instead revised the slower Rhumba and Waltz, with a short burst of Cha Cha. This week for the first time I forgot to take a cold drink, and was lucky to buy a tea at the church cafe.

Last Saturday I got up early, as I had a headache, and had an appointment to get my eyes tested. I need slightly different lenses for reading / PC work (which may be why the headaches). I ordered new glases costing £214 but also getting a pair or prescription sunglasses included in the price. This was lucky as I dropped my old sunglases and the arm broke off.

I also booked an appointment with a local chiroprator who has a more get fit attitude. I'll be seeing him on Thursday.

Then I got my hair cut, the shortest it's been in 35 years! Because they only used clipper to trim it was almost half price!

I then went off to Crawley and bought some books and a pair of trousers on sale at BHS, reduced to £15. Then I read in the garden outside the library until 18:00 when I got the bus to Goffs Park, which is near to St Wilfrids School where the monthly social dance take place. Unfortunately K sprained her ankle on Friday and couldn't make it, and I didn't check my text messages until I had paid for the evening! Despite not haveing a partner I had a fairly good time and did get to dance a Rhumba, a Waltz and two Quicksteps!

On Sunday I phoned my Mum to wish her a happy birthday, then bought train tickets for next week and then went to the Orion Cinema to see Men in Black III. This was fun, not great art but at least as good as the first movie.

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