Jul. 28th, 2012

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So since last weekend I ordered a new Tefal Avanti kettle and matching toaster via Amazon. The kettle arrived the following day, the toaster the day after (while I got an email to expect it 4 days later!)

Prior to visiting my chiropractor I went to pick up my prescription inhaler (which I had ordered via Boots online website). It wasn't ready, on checking the site both this request and the previous one in May were still Pending! After this I went to the library to collect a reserved Ukulele song book (with CD), then to get my spine cracked!

I've also ordered a Raspberry Pi, power supply and Pibow case. I don't know if they will arrive before I leave for Worldcon or not. The current delivery times are 3-18 weeks! according to the websites.

As I ordered a Raspbery Pi I needed a keyboard for it, so I went to PC World and discovered they weren't stocking the model I wanted. It was a nice walk on a sunny day though.

I finally got my ticket confirmations, and have checked via US Airways that all is OK (it is). Except they have my name as Bernardi Bernardi which I will have to check in to before I leave.

I got a note from my ISP that my mailbox had reached it's size limit and I needed to delete some messages. So I downloaded the latest release of Pegasus Mail as it's the best took I know for email management. I downloaded all the mail on the server (which was over 3 year's worth) and deleted all but the last year worth.

Thursday was my parents wedding anniversary, so I planned to visit this week end, but then I remembered I have dancing on the last Saturday of the month! So I came over on Friday after work, we had a nice celebratory dinner then watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony from 9:00pm to 12:50am! I should be taking the number 23 bus back to Crawley in order to get to the dance at 7pm.

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