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My last post was about Unicon, my next one will be the start of my Chicon / Worldcon adventure. So what has been happening in between?

I've been to the chiropractor only one. I was due to go again on Friday but there was an emergency and my appointment was cancelled.

I've booked a ticket at Can't Stop the Serenity in Chicago, for the Saturday after Worldcon.

Last weekend I spent hours watching stuff recorded on my Sky+ box, so there will be space for stuff over the next two weeks. Doctor Who starts next Saturday!

Last Monday I went to the local cinema to see Brave. It was a very Disney style Pixar animation, but enjoyable even so.

Yesterday I got an email saying my contract had been extended to mid October. This is good and bad news. Good because I've still got a job when I get back. Bad as the day before I booked to fly to Spain with my parents and sister for a week. If I'd know about the extension I could have booked their last week rather than their first one!

Also yesterday I went dancing with K in the evening, since we hadn't danced for over two weeks our stamina was less than usual so we didn't dance as often as in the past. We did manage at least one of each style (except those we don't know yet!)

Today I packed ready for my flight tomorrow.
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