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I though I'd better catch up before arriving in Bradford.

On Wednesday I did some training, on Thursday morning some of my colleagues did the same course. While this was going on it was decided I had to visit our two new data centres, one in Acton and one in Docklands. So since it was a nice day all of us walked back to the office. It took the same time as using the Tube, and the were a number of stops to get snacks on the way!

So my team mate and I left for Chancery Lane and took the central line to Acton, then walked to to the estate where the high security data centre is located, saw all the new blade servers in their cages then off to Docklands. Due to G20 Bond St was closed so via x to Canary Wharf then back to the office by 17:30 to swap out the backup tapes for the overnight backup.
Since it was a nice sunny day the unexpected extra walking was pleasant, so much so that I wished I'd left my jacket behind.

Note all that week I was on a late shift 10:00am to 6:00pm

On Friday there was a book sale and I of course bought a book (Readers Digest on Digital Photography) and a set of classic audio books on CD for a mere £10 (RRP over £100)

Saturday I got my back adjusted, and while I still get back pain, I have a much freer movement in my legs. One goal is to be able to touch my toes with my legs straight!

After a wander in Brighton I went home to crash out for a bit before going shopping.

On Sunday I went to the local cinema to se "Monsters vs Aliens" (PG) which was great fun. The main heroes were from 50s B movies; the Blob (sorry Bob), the Creature from the Black lagoon (the missing Link) the Fly (Dr cockroach voiced by Hugh Laurie) and the 50 foot woman (Gargantua voiced by Reese Witherspoon) I was the only one to laughed out loud when the credits showed that the President was voiced by Stephen Colbert!

After I got back since it was still sunny I went for a walk mostly around Bedelands Farm. It's surprising how many public footpaths there are and how much farmland so close to town. I saw a dozen butterflies and may have managed to get some photos.

I've been clearing material from my Sky box (so there would be space for recording over Easter) Caught up on Ghost whisperer, Finished Eli stone and Demons.

On Tuesday I sent a birthday card to my sister, and had a walk arould the area. When I got home I'd got birthday cards from my parents and sister and family, and a present from my other sister from the Discworld Emporium (with Discworld stamps) It was a "The Turtle Moves" pin which was very cool, but where I'll wear it I don't know (no suites so no jackets with lapels!)

Yesterday Patricia C Wrede's new book "Thirteenth Child" finally arrived. I say finally as I heard Pat read from it back in August, ordered from Amazon in December and was told it was on it's way on Sunday. I hoped it would arrived before I started on my Easter holiday and fortunately it did. I spent every spare minute reading yesterday and finished it last night. My favourite book read so far this year!

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