Oct. 5th, 2012

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Wed 3 Oct
Up 5:15 tidied lounge! Caught 6:15 to Gatwick, met sis at North Terminal, zone G at 6:55 (took a while to recognise her due to fuzzy focusing), when she had to help disability assistance with the parents.

Through security (with 2 wheelchairs) by 7:25. Started boarding 7:55 (parents first) in last 20 on board 8:15. Free seating, at the back. Took off 8:40 only 15 minutes after scheduled.

Arrived Valencia 10:35/11:35 and through passport control to luggage claim by 11:50. Major problem finding the hire car company as an incomplete printout was made.
Finally left the airport at 1:00

Stopped to do some food shopping when nearly to Javea.

Got to Toscamar 3:15, reception shut so no water or electricity until it opens at 4:00!

Water and electricity turned on, fridge/freezer not working!

At about 5:30 left for beach, to get a meal at Scallops where we had three course meals with water and wine for €41 (with 3 bottles of wine to take home). I had spicy potato wedges, followed by steak pie and mash, with peas and carrots. The finish I had profiteroles. Back home for 7:45 and we were all a bed by 8:30.

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Day One

Oct. 5th, 2012 08:46 pm
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Thu 4 Oct
Up at 9:15 toast for breakfast. Mum and I went to reception to use their wifi connection (very long ID code), mum went off in the car after twenty minutes I stayed until 2:15, caught up on email, LJ and Python course. Mum and sis already back. The latter went to the pool while I had lunch, to the local shop for fruit and wifi sync.

Snoozed a bit, read. T the villa management person came over.

Made dinner with sister C, microwave failed! Manage to make an edible meal.

Then she and I went for a walk along the beach front. When we arrived at 7:50 it was overcast but still light, by 8:30 it was black.

After getting home we walked to the pool, flamenco dancing in the restaurant near by, stayed listening for a while then back home via an illuminated fountain.

Read until 11:00 when I went to bed.

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