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I'm writing this on my eeePC in the Colorado Convention Center, in Denver on Tuesday afternoon. I don't know when I'll get access to a free WiFi hotspot to upload (as there isn't one in the CCC).

So I got up at 6am yesterday morning, not being able to sleep. Had breakfast and watched a programme I'd recorded on Sunday night. Left for Gatwick airport on the 8:32 train, arriving at 8:50. Started queuing at 9:00 and got luggage checked and all boarding cards by 9:30.

Security checking and x-ray was also quick and then I was waiting for the gate to board. The flight to Cleveland was "called" around 10:30 and started boarding by 11ish, We took off about half an hour late at 11:50. The flight was over 8 hours long and I managed to watch "Superhero Movie" via the on demand in-flight media system. Lunch was chicken, as usual when I get served a low salt option (before everyone else!) I also managed to finish one of the 2 books I took with me.

Cleveland is a small airport, which I recognised from an earlier visit, but I don't recall exactly which con I was traveling to. It was just after 9/11 and they hadn't quite got their security upgrades up and running and I nearly missed my connection. This time I had plenty of time before the Denver flight left. Met my first fans in the waiting area. 3 local Cleveland fans.

Arrived in Denver 7:15pm local time, 2:15am BST! Got through Customs, and baggage claim fairly quickly but decided I was too tired to navigate the vagaries of the local bus service and so took one of the hotel shuttles (an SUV direct to the Denver International Hostel).

Unfortunately I had a half hour wait before we had enough passengers to leave, (5 others made it to quota). It only took half an hour to drive to Denver, and I was checked in, paid $129:60 for ten nights, made my bed and crashed by 9:35pm twenty two and a half hours after I got up!

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