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So woke up 6:50 washed up, managed to stuff everything into my bags, stripped the bed, left sheets and towel on the landing. Just about managed to stuff the keys under the office door (as requested last night) and left for the last time at 7:30.

I caught the free mall ride at Civic Center Station, first time I did so first thing, and got to Corner Bakery Cafe, 1147 16th St by 7:47, updated blog and was eating Berry Almond Swiss (with both yogurt and cream) and coffee by 8:00.

[Contunued two weeks later!]
I left as it was getting to quarter to nine, and caught my final free mall ride shuttle bus to the Market St bus station. I originally thought it was some kind of underground train station (due to the sliding doors and electronic departure board) but is was actually an underground bus stop!

9:25 arrived an so did the bus. I stowed my back pack, paid my fare and started the journey to Denver International Airport. The journey took exactly one hour and once I'd disembarked I found the appropriate check-in (no queues at all) left my bag and found my way to the security check in. Once through the x-rays and metal detectors I found the correct gate by eleven, got my ticket and passport looked at, and as it was nearing noon bought a muffin to eat.

Took off for Cleveland, at 12:10 (only ten minutes late) and arrived two and a half hours later, a bit early at 2:35/4:35 local, due to tail winds and walked to the correct gate for Gatwick without any further security checks. Still a bit peckish so had a bagel with cream cheese. Read until the flight was called.

This plane didn't have personalised in flight entertainment systems so I didn't get to see a movie. I did read and try to get a bit of sleep. I got my special meal prior to everyone else, soon after take off, and breakfast was served just before landing, at 6:50 on Friday morning.

Got through passport control fairly quickly but it seemed forever before baggage re-claim started regurgitating luggage. Anyway I managed to get to the train station by eight and caught the train home, arrived back by 8:40 and then crashed in bed by 9:00 and slept most of the day.

Started catching up on the TV recorded while I was away!

NOTE: I did take some pictures during my stay, but not as many as I wished. This was due to two problems; the hinge on the compartment containing the batteries broke, and if it was not firmly held in place all the cells would fall out, making it difficult to compose pictures. Additionally somehow it had been set in the "photo finish mode", so that after the first picture, a further 4 shots were automatically taken. Until I realised what was happening and started to take advantage of it, I got 3-4 blurry pictures (I couldn't figure out how to switch it off either. My next digital camera must not suffer from either of these faults! I intend to upload the few pictures I did take RSN.

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