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The last two weeks manages to include 3 juggling classes. And thing have been getting good!

The first class of the term we got 2 new people and one not so new person joining, which kept the numbers up and meant the class could continue.

The day was nice and sunny so I wlked to the school (new location meant that I can actually get there, if a lift isn't availible. Managed some work on club passing with P. Self Pass pattern is now getting solid.

Week 2 weather was less nice so got on the train for the short hop to town. Did some more jugging with P and worked on the 3,3,10 pattern (this follows the pattern, self, self, pass x 3 then self, pass x 3 then pass, pass, pass x3+1 (ie pass 3 times in one pattern, 3 times in the second pattern and 10 times in the third pattern) The best we managed was 3,3,8 ;-( We did however manage to throw 10 passes on their own (so I knew I could do it) We also tried triangle passing with three of us, catching from one person and passing to the other, not too sucessfully (but that we tried....) We did manage self, pass, with 16 passes though.

The previous week end I decided to try my hand at fire club juggling again (ie I tried but got nowhere last year, I wasn't really a good enough club juggler then). Unfortunately the flames were rather excessive when I started, and by the time the flames had died a bit when I did juggle most of the flame died out. I'll have to try again later (possibly with better clubs!)

Week three P and I managed 10 passes and stop a number of times, though we kept failing on the elusive 3,3,10 until finally success was acheived! I did the happy dance I was so pleased.

This was one of my goals from the start of term, the first to improve my club passing had already been achieved. Getting past twenty passes with self, pass is another (that's in my grasp). Passing in groups of three or more, while not lasting very long is improving and then there is sucess at the 3,3,10 pattern. Now I have to be able to do it with other partners!

K and I did some self, pass passing. We aren't as well synced as P and I but D joined us as we managed some fairly consistant four person + passing.

On to other topics, this last 3 weeks I've been on the backup rotation at work, which isn't the most interesting, logging success or failure of backup jobs and changing tapes is fine one week in four or six bua palls after two plus weeks!

I'm in the process of upgrading my kitchen, and I've also ordered a new 32" flat screen TV (my current one I got second hand nearly 20 years ago!) Sky+HD have just updated their program interface, and you can now see you currently selected channel while looking through the program guide (I belive TiVo has had this for years). It also stacks series so material you record doesn't take as much screen space. You can choose to record a single program or the whole series. But you still can't select anything that is more than 7 days in advance.

Last Satureday I saw Coraline in 3D in Brighton (after visiting my chiropractor). After my Imax experience in Bradford it was a bit of a disapointment, the glasses didn't work as well over my glasses and there was less use of 3D WOW! factor. Later in the Bank Holiday week end I watched The Hunt for Gollum which shows what amateurs can achieve when they sets their minds to it.

I've finally caught up with Dexter series 2. It's been resident on my Sky+HD box for months and since they started showing series 3 last mont... It's one of those show that once you start watching you wonder why you didn't catch it when it was broadcast. Ive got the fist few of S3 to look forward too!

I almost forgot, with the good weather, I've managed to get in a walk around the Bedelands farm area both week ends. Last Sunday I saw half a dozen rabbits, a migpie and a bumber of black birds thouth if they were crows, ravens or blackbirds I couldn't tell. I took some photos which may appear at some future time. The change from leafless winter to current spring time leafy greenness has been wonderful to see.

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