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The Sunday after my last post I helped The Friends Green Circle Network to trim a hedge in Bedelands Farm. Spent two hours cutting withies, then completed an hour's walk around the site.

I've recently rediscovered PortableApps.com where applications have been modified so they will run from a USB drive without installation. Quite like the 1980 when that was how DOS worked!

It does mean I can use programs at work which I can't install on my supplied laptop (mostly graphic tools and OCR).

On the work front, when we started we had to generate nearly six thousand template reports, there are less than a thousand to complete now (I did nearly two hundred). We have just started to peer review each other's work. This may take a while!

Last week I went to the cinema to see Hugo, based on a book (not really a novel though) it concerns the film pioneer Georges Méliès in his later life. I enjoyed the story even if the fact and fiction have been blended, possible Hugo material?

Last Friday I took the but into Crawley, as I'd just discovered some of my library books were overdue and one couldn't be renewed online. I got that sorted out and bought another pair of earphones.

My EDI Technical Certificate in Principles of Business & Administration Level 2 arrived on Friday exactly 2 months after passing the last module in the course. So I now have the paperwork proving my qualification.

Peacock (clothes shop) has gone into receivership, but is still open for business, I I bought another black shirt at 20% off, and also got some woolly socks at half price from the shop opposite!

I've been watching a number of new programs on TV including: Dancing on Ice, )as usual I don't recognise most of the contestants but....), Hawaii 5-0, NCIS: Los Angeles, Sherlock, Earthflight, Body of Proof, Lost Girl, NCIS, The Story of Musicals, Stargazing (a once a year series on BB/C2), Gadget Geeks, Suits, Unforgettable,

Just got back from the cinema. I saw The Artist at Cineworld in Crawley, first time I've visited this 15 screen cinema.

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