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So first weekend in February was Quarter Tone the 25th UK Filkcon held at the Ramada Grantham Hotel in Lincolnshire
This was it's usual friendly self and in fact the only convention in the ear where I stayed away from home.
As usual I signed bi-weekly at the Job Centre and danced with K every Wednesday
I also had to attend Job Club regularly at CDG in Crawley, this was mandated by the Job Centre but at least I got my travel costs reimbursed.
Also got my broadband upgraded to unlimited fibre, which was faster and unlimited (obviously) but not excessively fast. Also my website www.dendarii.co.uk was wiped and I didn't notice for a little while!
Also saw the ISS (International Space Station) travel over head for the first time.
Picocon 30 took place over the weekend of 16-17 and this was my last con of the year (away from home)
I even managed a short visit to the Science Museum to see the Turing Exhibit.
I continued to volunteer at Susses Oakleaf
I had to order a new TV, a reconditioned Toshiba (which has worked well all year), used it successfully with my Raspberry Pi
I had to return my kobo ereader for replacement as it had a fault on the screen. It was replaced at WHS (where I'd originally purchased it)
Last Saturday in the month the regular Social Dance in Crawley dancing with K.
Visited parent the following day, just for the day though.
On the last day of the month I retook my ECDL test and unfortunately the system crashed part way though so I didn't finished. Booked a date to retake the test again.

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