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Nov. 2nd, 2012 01:44 pm
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Friday 12 Oct
Last day at current job.
Still writing reports, rather than management (which SG did while I was away).

Got flu jab at Newton's surgery followed by blood pressure test. Took half hour in total. Did some shopping, saw Strictly Come Dancing Live!

Went Rewards finished ITQ Level module at last. Arranged for test on Thursday. Saw asthma nurse (need to see her again in 1-2 months). Then saw Dr H re finger pain. Skype call from sister in Spain (no video).
Initial JSA sign on now has to be online or by phone. So used web to sign up took nearly an hour!

Saw Chiropractor, for the first time since being in Spain.

Made some new business cards, went to Job Fair in Crawley then had to wait (ate at BK, went Lib) til evening to go dancing, got there early and got shanghaied (for free) into the early class, K came back for the advanced class!

Went to Rewards to complete ECDL Essentials module, got 97%. Waited in KFC (with free wifi) and had coffee before going for first JSA interview. When I got home my Raspberry Pi had arrived. It was the version 2.0 with 512MB of memory (as announced only a few day previously).

Had someone from Ultra Energy trying to sell me Solar Panels (electric) which at first I went for, but then cancelled.

Continued with "Learn to Program" completed Week 4 Exercise and Assignment 2.

Bought a new oil heater from Lidl, had some difficulty getting it home, but managed using my trusty trolly. This purchase was to allow my bedroom to be heated at a lower cost than th fan heater I had previously used.

I've been sending out emails to many different job applications

Got two signed copies of "Captain Vorpatril's Alliance" by Lois McMaster Bujold. One for me and one for LMB list owner Mel. Sent her copy on to her.

Went to Crawley, ate at Jubilee Oak, dancing with K but had to catch 4 different trains to get there (still only took half an hour!). Got a lift to station so got home by 10:40

Continued with "Learn to Program" completed Week 5 Exercise. Went to Crawley for end of month social dance. K sent text that she couldn't make it so didn't dance much. Did get a quickstep and cha cha, and a couple of sequence dances. Left at 9:35 so I could get the 10:01 home.
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So since last weekend I ordered a new Tefal Avanti kettle and matching toaster via Amazon. The kettle arrived the following day, the toaster the day after (while I got an email to expect it 4 days later!)

Prior to visiting my chiropractor I went to pick up my prescription inhaler (which I had ordered via Boots online website). It wasn't ready, on checking the site both this request and the previous one in May were still Pending! After this I went to the library to collect a reserved Ukulele song book (with CD), then to get my spine cracked!

I've also ordered a Raspberry Pi, power supply and Pibow case. I don't know if they will arrive before I leave for Worldcon or not. The current delivery times are 3-18 weeks! according to the websites.

As I ordered a Raspbery Pi I needed a keyboard for it, so I went to PC World and discovered they weren't stocking the model I wanted. It was a nice walk on a sunny day though.

I finally got my ticket confirmations, and have checked via US Airways that all is OK (it is). Except they have my name as Bernardi Bernardi which I will have to check in to before I leave.

I got a note from my ISP that my mailbox had reached it's size limit and I needed to delete some messages. So I downloaded the latest release of Pegasus Mail as it's the best took I know for email management. I downloaded all the mail on the server (which was over 3 year's worth) and deleted all but the last year worth.

Thursday was my parents wedding anniversary, so I planned to visit this week end, but then I remembered I have dancing on the last Saturday of the month! So I came over on Friday after work, we had a nice celebratory dinner then watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony from 9:00pm to 12:50am! I should be taking the number 23 bus back to Crawley in order to get to the dance at 7pm.

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