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While I did manage to include most happening I did forget a couple of thing I really should note.

The Weather! It seems to have been raining for months, and feels more like February or November than July. This is supposed to be summer guys! We recently go so much rain overnight that the TV signal from the Sky satellite was interrupted for an hour, we also had puddles 10cm deep in the garden.

Talking of the garden last Sunday D helped the neighbour install 2 new fence panels and then later, I helped him cut down the last tree growing in my back garden. Using the newly purchased chainsaw the actual felling went like a charm. Unfortunately I fell over while examining the cut in the trunk and pulled a 1.5cm strip off my right index finger and the tip of my left middle finger got mushed. The latter is almost healed a week latter, the former not so much.

During the last three weeks, I also got my hair cut, a regular 6 weekly occurrence, now I don't have a pony tail. Again I got a clipper cut for half the price of a scissors cut!

Last time I mentioned a ukulele class, and since then I have usually managed to spend 5-10 minutes a day (occasionally longer) noodling, mostly trying out chords and tying to remember which ones are which. I've just made up some chord flash cards from ukulehunt.com. Unfortunately they aren't all the same hight so I've had to do some adjusting. I'm now trying to play some tunes, with mixed success.

Receently on TV I've been watching Dynamo: Magician Impossible, which is impossible, in the last episode he walked down the side of a building!!!!

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Date: 2012-07-25 03:29 pm (UTC)
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I suggested a ukulele to ze spouse, since you & John Scalzi have both started this year, but he was distinctly underwhelmed. Otoh, I suspect he's relieved to not be dragged to a dance class.


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